'Life After Lockup' Couple Derek and Monique Are Engaged

Congratulations: ‘Life After Lockup’ Stars Derek And Monique Are Engaged

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Many fans of the show will recall the pricy dinner out that the couple had following Derek’s release, which had Monique looking like Derek’s sugar mommy to some viewers. Like many reality tv couples before them, Monique and Derek have also been subject to a lot of misconceptions so we asked if they could debunk some of the things from the show that have led the public astray.

“I would say the misconception that people automatically assume that I’m paying for everything in the relationship, but like Derek is not financially able right now and I would say that that’s a misconception of our relationship,” Monique answered.

“That’s one misconception that was early on,” Derek agreed. “Now it’s more so my fidelity. Granted, I was unfaithful to Monique. We’ve talked that through and it’s unfolding and we’re already past it. People see it and they like peel the wound back so to speak, because it’s already been a wound that we’re working and healing on. We’re going through counseling to be able to grow from it and learn from it so I could be a better person and be a better person to Monique. That’s one of the things that’s been misconstrued because it’s like , ‘Oh he did it then, he’s doing it now. ‘ No I haven’t, and we are together, we’re committed to each other. Stay tuned we have a lot of good things, special moments, in store for the world to see.”

When we continue, Derek and Monique discuss their reality tv regrets and what you could expect from a spinoff starring them.


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