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On Sunday’s episode of The Real Housewives of Potomac, Robyn Dixon shed tears amid Candiace Dillard hinting that she was partly responsible for her husband’s firing.

“Y’all want to turn me into a f***g villain, I didn’t do s*** to none of y’all!” said the upset Bravo star.

Robyn x Candiace

Source: Jai Lennard / Bravo


During the show, viewers saw the continuation of the group’s trip to Austin, Texas that exploded in a car ride to a “chicken s***” bingo game.

Robyn took issue with her ex-friend Candiace hinting that her previous words about lawsuit played a part in him fired in March as head men’s basketball coach at Coppin State University.

“It didn’t feel good to me,” said Robyn recapping Candiace’s claims.

“I honestly believe it’s not smart to speak about any ongoing legal situation,” replied Candiace. “I don’t know, but I don’t believe that it helped what happened with Juan.”

That caused Robyn to burst into tears.

“This the worst part abut everything we’ve been going through,” said the housewife while crying. “You turn it into a title 9 violation? You don’t know what y’all are talking about .You don’t need to try to tear me down.”

“Y’all want to turn me into a f***g villain, I didn’t do s*** to none of y’all!”

“I literally sat there and spoke up for my husband, and you just literally are going to take it like I’m the reason why he lost his job,” she added. “He doesn’t get involved in none of this s***. But other people’s husbands talk trash nonstop about people.”

Ultimately Candiace and Robyn concluded that they’re no longer friends especially amid Candiace calling Robyn “complicit” in Gizelle Bryant’s accusations against her husband, Chris Bassett.

Candiace would then go on to break down in tears as well over the situaiton.

During the episode viewers (and Candiace) weighed in on the feud on X, formerly known as Twitter.

Not only that, but #RHOP fans also reacted to a shocking moment when Robyn called her husband to tell him what happened and things quickly went left.


Hit the flip.


During the continuation of the Austin trip, Robyn called Juan to detail her blow up with Candiace about his firing.

RHOP Reunion

Source: Clifton Prescod / Bravo

Unfortunately for her however, her husband had no interest in her words and he chastised her for “feeding into” the drama.

“She pretty much implied that because I spoke about your lawsuit, that’s one of the reasons why you got fired, and that triggered, like, that really set me off,” explained Robyn.

‘WHY?!” asked a befuddled Juan. “Why are you feeding into it? Why?!”

Robyn counted that she wasn’t, but it fell on deaf ears.

“Why are you getting emotional?! asked Juan. “It’s not their life! It’s our life! I’m not gonna let you keep allowing these women to get you super emotional.

He continued,

“You’re crying, right now! Robyn, please. I can’t listen because my skin is crawling right now. I gotta go!”


As you can imagine, social media urged the 44-year-old to “stann up” to her husband and his behavior, but it looks like that won’t be happening.


In the recently released #RHOP midseason trailer, Robyn was seen going out for massages with Juan in an effort for them to grow closer.

That didn’t go so well however, considering that the retired athlete fell asleep while she was talking.



What do YOU think about Robyn breaking down in tears over Candiace’s comments?


Do YOU think Juan was wrong to snap on her the way he did?

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