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After Drake attempted to troll Kendrick Lamar by wearing a Compton Community College shirt, the rapper gave a surprise speech at the college’s graduation ceremony.

TDE CEO Top Dawg has declared an end to the Drake and Kendrick Lamar beef but that doesn’t mean that consumers will let it go that easily. Before Kendrick responded to Drake’s “Push Ups“. the Canadian rapper attempted to troll him by rocking a Compton Community College shirt and even alleged that Kendrick didn’t “plant any money trees” back in his hometown.

According to Complex, Kendrick got the last laugh by making a surprise appearance at the Compton Community College graduation on June 7.

The rapper gave a rousing speech to the graduating class in his first public appearance since his infamous hip-hop beef. He went on to urge them to express themselves and take pride in inspiring future generations.

“Here is not only a representation of the world, but it’s a representation of me. And when I walk out in these cities and these countries, I could be proud and say, this is where I’m from. I still believe in Compton. Compton always been a future for me. I think we breed some of the most incredible individuals, creators, intellectuals, talent. We had it since day one.” Kendrick said.

“That’s why I always screamed this City. I traveled the world. It’s no place like this one right here. No place, no place. And I still believe, I still believe in everything that we doing. Brick by brick. I still believe it’s time that we change the narratives. Some people tell us, this generation don’t have what it takes. Gen Z. We talk about it all day. They try to pull us down and say, we don’t know what we doing.”

He continued.

“They wrong though. You know why? Because not only y’all have what it takes, but y’all have something even bigger. Y’all have the heart. Y’all have the courage to be independent thinkers. Independent thinkers. “

“There’s nothing more valuable than that. Y’all can go out here and tell and express y’all thoughts and say it with conviction and passion and stand on it and be unapologetic about it. And somebody pull you to the side. ‘You know what? You was wrong about that.’ And you could be like, ‘I appreciate it.’ Or they could say, ‘I appreciate you for giving me the wisdom and the courage to be just as much as in depth and strong with conviction about the message that you have.’ And it spreads not only between the person you’re talking to, but subconsciously through kids that’s younger than yourselves. And that’s something I can always appreciate.”

He added,

“This degree that y’all have right here is just as big as any degree. I don’t care what school. I don’t care what institution. Compton College, this Compton degree is just as big… It’s all about taking these resources and taking what you learned and applying them. It’s simple as that.”- Kendrick Lamar’s Speech From The 2024 Compton Community College Graduation.”

Of course, people will point out he showed up after Drake trolled him with the school’s shirt but this was much bigger than that. Kendrick’s affinity for staying out of the spotlight makes his rare appearances that much more special, especially to those who are from the same neighborhood as him.


Next week for Juneteenth Kendrick will host a one-night-only “The Pop Out: Ken & Friends” concert at The Forum in Los Angeles. Reportedly he will perform his summer anthem “Not Like Us” for the first time which will be a moment for L.A. to remember like Tupac at the House Of Blues.

You can watch Kendrick deliver his Compton Community College speech below.



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