September 17th 12:02pm

Un-Motherly Attire?: Jennifer Lopez’s Most Controversial Outfits

Hard to believe this mother-of-two is already 45 years old! So… shouldn’t she be covering up just a tad more?

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September 17th 11:25am

Does It Really Matter If White People Don’t Have Black Friends?

This past summer was a harsh lesson about the complexities of race relations.

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September 17th 9:31am

No Duh! Transgender Supermodel Isis King Can’t Find Love [Video]

SMH @ her being compared to the pretty Liv.

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September 17th 9:19am

Shady Thigh Gap Files: Beyoncé Bikini Picture Revealed As Possible Photoshop Job

Bey was kind enough to floss her bawwwwwdy for us all on the internets and haters are messing it up by causing a stupid ThighGapGate!

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