April 16th 10:00am

Diddy Assumes The Position… Management Menage With Nicki And Ricky

Suge Knight usually isn’t someone we’d go to for business advice, but we just can’t understand why everyone hasn’t learned from the things he said at the Source Awards way back in the day. Why would you ever sign on for management or a record deal with a self-centered, self-serving, so-called artist like Diddy who…

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April 16th 9:51am

Pain In The Ash: Volcanic Cloud May Delay Polish Prez Funeral

The volcano in Iceland, which spewed ash forcing many European airlines to shut down and stranded hundreds and thousands of travelers

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April 16th 9:50am

Which NBA Player Just Got Served With Divorce Papers And Is On The Prowl For Some Fresh Chickens?!?!

This NBA player has nothing to be happy about at the moment but he’s still getting it in. He was recently served with divorce papers and all his business is going to be aired on a new reality show. If you still don’t know who this is… Then you have been hiding under a rock!!!…

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April 16th 9:47am

New Music: Lil Kim Has Some “PU$$Y FUR” For Box Eatin’ Nicki Minaj!!!

Now this new jawn sounds more like Lil’ Kim than that foolishness that we posted yesterday. Only Lil’ Kim would make a song called “Pu$$y Fur” and all we can do is laugh at this one. Take a Listen:

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April 16th 8:55am

Some Friday Morning Cake

Damn. Here is Rosa Acosta modeling for DreamCurves magazine. If you think she looks good from the back, we’ve got a frontal shot under the hood that’s even better. Please pop the hatch to peep.

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April 16th 8:49am

Hovvie Don’t Play Dat! Rapper Hits Red Sox Slugger With $5 Mil Lawsuit For Bootlegging His 40/40 Club

Notorious Yankees fan Jay-Z is showing the Red Sox’s David Ortiz no mercy. The rapper from Marcy has filed a $5 million dollar lawsuit against Ortiz and his sister after for opening a “Forty Forty” in the Dominican Republic. Pop the hood for details.

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April 16th 8:31am

Last Time Chilli Was In Love Was 7 Years Ago, You Do The Math…

Chilli’s new show “What Chilli Wants” is making a lot of noise. In a recent interview, she chops it up about what her son thinks about this whole dating on TV thing, the best date she has ever been on and the last time she was in love… 2003. Flip the Lid for a Peek

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April 15th 7:09pm

True Or False: T.I. Is Planning A Comeback Tour This Month???

Did you know T.I. is doing a comeback tour this month??? Yeah, he didn’t either. Shady a$s Florida promoters have been advertising this concert at a local Orlando club. Pop the hood for a look:

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April 15th 7:02pm

Khloe Wants To Be A ‘Bloody’ Spokesperson Too!

We hate to keep raggin’ on her, but she makes it WAY TOO EASY! Khloe Kardashian-Odom and her ovaries are attention whoring again, but only this time it’s for Kotex. Pop the hood for more shots of Khloe and her fire engine booty giving the real deal on her monthly visit from Aunt Flow…

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April 15th 6:34pm

What In The Name Of BeyBey Is Going On With Wendy’s Hair?

Wendy Williams rocked an … interesting … look today. Is this another lacefront? How you doin’, Wendy?

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April 15th 6:19pm

Random Ridiculousness: Tiger’s Widdle Feeling Were Hurt

We don’t know if Tiger’s claims of being tied to a tree are true, but he reportedly suffered another grave injustice: Yes, he was called “Urkel.” Pop the top.

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April 15th 5:39pm

SMH: RihRih Isn’t A Fan Of Product Placement But G-Shock And Baby-G Are Proud She’s Reppin’ Them Anyway…

We thought it was really interesting that RihRih would go on record about her distaste for product placement, when Casio made sure to let everyone know how proud they were Rihanna was reppin’ their G-Shock and Baby G Watches in her “Rude Boy” video. Pop the hood for closer look and proud statement from the…

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April 15th 4:37pm

Dirty Dog Diaries: Ginny Cha’s Father Thinks Tiki Barber Is “Just Sick”

Looks like Tiki Barber’s father-in-law is purely disgusted with all the recent drama revolving the divorce, especially the part about him leaving Ginny Cha while pregnant. More details on the flip…

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April 15th 3:40pm

HHWired Exclusive: Tiny Says “Everything Is Lovely” With T.I., OMG Girlz And Foundation

Tiny caught up with HipHopWired at the premiere party for the new season of “Tiny and Toya” in Atlanta. The former Xscape hitmaker and songwriter divulged details on her hubby-to-be saying that she was happy to have him home and the King was back in the studio sounding great. Details when you Continue

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April 15th 1:48pm

Making It Rain On These Hoes: Bossip Is Four-Years-Young!!!

If you remember this nice little picture of Wesley Snipes above, then you have been riding with BOSSIP for a minute!!! For those of you who didn’t know, BOSSIP was conceived 4 Aprils ago, and to celebrate we would love for all of our loyal readers to send in their favorite BOSSIP Jesus Take The…

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