February 22nd 2:05pm

Coupled Up: Rihanna and Matt Spotted At Her Birthday Party

More pics from Rihanna’s birthday bash have surfaced. Her beau Matt Kemp was in the building for the party along with a dancing midget.  Pop the top for more flicks and a vid.

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February 22nd 12:31pm

Tiger Woods Is Going Back To Rehab!!! Cheetah Wasn’t “Lion” About More Treatment

While much of Cheetah Woods televised apology rang hollow, he wasn’t “Lion” about one thing — going back to rehab. Tiger said he had plans to return to rehab and according to recent reports, he and his family headed out of town together this weekend so he can spend a week in another facility.

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February 22nd 12:09pm

Still Making It Rain On These Hoes: Mo’Nique Wins BAFTA Award For Precious

MoNique has won yet another award for her role in the movie Precious, making this her 23rd major award win for the role. More details on the flip.

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February 22nd 11:28am

When The Checks Stop Coming In… Buffie The Body Selling Booty Workouts Now???

Buffie “The Body” Carruth is keeping her crotchylicious career alive by peddling workout secrets for great cakes. Buffie has her own website Bootynomics.com where she’s posted workout videos… Pop the hood for a closer look!

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February 22nd 11:17am

Two New Jawns By Beyonce… Sounds Like She Needs To Try Again!!!

Two new Beyonce jawns have been leaked and we can’t filed either one under “CERTIFIED BANGER”. It doesn’t sound like the songs have been mixed and mastered but don’t take our word for it… Take a Listen and Tell Us What You Think:

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February 22nd 10:52am

Attention Whore Monica “Danger” Leon Gets Married And Is Knocked Up AGAIN

Crazy broad, Monica “Danger” Leon is out of the psych ward and put out a new video claiming she’s married and knocked up again. Check out the video under the hood.

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February 22nd 10:32am

Weezy Says Prospective Buyers Love The Aroma Of Kush In His Condo

In a recent interview Weezy likened himself to Bob Marley when discussing the rumor that the scent of marijuana has been scaring off prospective buyers from purchasing his condo. Weezy denied the claims, but to find out his response, you’ll have to… Continue

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February 22nd 10:07am

The Odd Couple

Amber Rose and Whoopi Goldberg were having a great time chopping it up at the Laura Smalls New York Fashion Week presentation last week. We wonder what the two of them could possibly have in common to talk about. If you think this picture of Amber and Whoopi is ‘interesting’ pop the hatch to peep…

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February 22nd 10:03am

Gaga Scissorhands Poses Topless, Has A Meltdown, And Acts “Weird”

Here’s Lady Gaga on the cover of British rag “Q” Magazine without a shirt and rockin some Edward Scissorhand/Freddy Krueger-esque gloves. Word is that lil miss Gaga pitched a fit at the photoshoot and started crying and acting like a crazy person. Details on the flip…

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February 22nd 10:00am

Melyssa Ford… More Than Just Cakes??? The “Actress” Speaks Up For The Census

In her ongoing effort to prove she’s more than just cakes, Melyssa Ford has joined The League of Young Voters Numbers Don’t Lie Campaign — and while we could make all kinds of jokes about her “numbers” (36-24-36???) it’s not what you’re thinking! Pop the hood to find out what good cause the banger is…

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February 22nd 9:52am

Where Is Kim Porter???: Diddy Tweets About Baby Mama #3 And Chance

Diddy was having a moment a couple of hours ago and decided to tweet about baby mama #3, Sarah Chapman, and their child, Chance. It’s not unusual for “Take That, Take That” to tweet about his children but referencing one of the baby mamas… Doesn’t normally happen!!! Diddy will Tweet Pics of Cassie Before He…

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February 22nd 9:27am

Which One Would You Hit???

Both Kenny Burns and Fabolous hit the Seal It With Rose’ event in ATL yesterday.  All we want to know ladies is out of the two, which one would you give the pleasure of chopping you down??? Pop the top for more pics of Fabolous, Kenny Burns and a bunch of D-Listers.

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February 22nd 9:24am

If Looks Could Kill…

Garcelle Beauvais-Nilon was spotted with one of her twins looking like she wanna cut a m-fer for sneaking shots of her and her son. SMH. Flip it for a close shot of the little Jax…

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February 22nd 9:03am

*Bossip Exclusive* Flo From Bad Girls Club Talks About Her Swirling, Plans For Kids, And Natalie Nunn Being Scum!

Bossip chopped it up with Flo from Bad Girls Club Season 4 about putting hands on Natalie Nunn at the reunion, her being a swirling bulldagger, and a bunch more. BOSSIP:What’s the real reason you left the show? FLO:I got to the point where, if I didn’t leave… I was going to kill someone. The…

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February 22nd 8:57am

Ole Miss Football Player Dies After Collapsing During Practice

This is sad: A University of Mississippi football player has died after collapsing during the first day of team workouts.

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