February 17th 11:05am

Some Morning Cakes

For those of you who like your women big and tall, today’s cakes come courtesy of Vicky Von J — who is 5’11 and 180 lbs. Pop the hood for a better look at those cakes.

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February 17th 10:36am

Poor Thang

This lil fella right here is a member of the British boy band “JLS.” He was seen departing a Brit awards afterparty last night rocking this suspect as* attire. We know he’s a little British dude, but geeze!! From the hat, to the waxed chest-baring blouse, to the little ice skater’s jacket, to the wack…

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February 17th 10:23am

Which One Would You Hit?

Dwyane Wade brought his scarfed up steez to co-host Alonzo Mourning and Magic Johnson’s Zo & Magic’s 8-Ball Challenge All-Star weekend in Dallas. Pop the hood to check out more photos of ‘Zo, Magic, Vivica Fox looking CRAZY and Emmitt Smith’s banger wife below, and don’t forget to tell us WHICH ONE YOU WOULD HIT!!!

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February 17th 9:48am

No Justice For Sean Bell! Feds Say Officers Won’t Face Civil Rights Charges!!!

The NYPD officers responsible for the barrage of 50-bullets that killed unarmed Sean Bell in 2006 will not face civil rights charges. Continue

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February 17th 9:43am

Stars Without Makeup: Is Mariah Carey Kinda Scary? Does Madonna Need A Mask?

Mariah seems to be holding it together pretty well for her age… then again when do we ever see her without makeup on? Pop the hood to get a better look of Mariah makeup-less, along with shots of Tyra Banks, Madonna, Jessica Simpson, Kim Kardashian and more.

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February 17th 9:42am

Coroner’s Report: McQueen Left Suicide Note Before Hanging Himself

BOSSIP reported last week that Alexander McQueen’s death was indeed a suicide. The coroner’s report is in, and it is confirmed that he hanged himself:

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February 17th 9:42am

A. Keys Bare-Faced & Baggy Bellied In London

Alicia Keys was spotted walking through Heathrow Airport in London without any makeup on looking good in them jeans and also looking like she could use a good dose of Proactiv. More flicks of Alicia on the flip including her performance with Hov and red carpet pics from The Brit Awards

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February 17th 9:13am

Grace Jones “GRACES” Everyone With Her Nipple?!?!

Grace Jones and the manly woMAN she is performed at the Grand ‘Cavalchina’ Ball in Venice. Not that she cares but Mz. Strangé had a wardrobe malfunction and her hard rock nipple slipped out. It looks like Grace and Usher has the same stylist… BODY MAGIC!!! Pop the Top for This Random Ridiculousness

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February 17th 9:09am

Good Ole Matty Knowles Ordered To Pay Over 8K Monthly In Child Support For New Baby

Mathew Knowles will have to cough up the dough for his newborn baby Nixon. Flip the script for the details:

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February 17th 8:59am

Name That Cake…

These cakes were seen recently in NYC for Fashion Week… This one is a no-brainer, however, please feel free to pop the hatch to peep to whom these big ole backs belong…

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February 17th 8:51am

What’s Wrong With This Picture?

Bump a ho stroll! Strippers in Tampa get to roll in the “Stripper Mobile” instead. Pop the hood for more details and 20+ photos of the dancers from Déjà Vu doing pole tricks down the avenue.

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February 17th 8:39am

Does Nicki Minaj Have A Gut Full Of Human Or Booty Doop???

Young Money shot the video for their new single “Roger That” off the Young Money album. Maybe our eyes are playing tricks on us but it looks like Nicki Minaj has a gut full of human on the way or she has a serious case of booty doo!!! Pop the Top for a Closer Look…

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February 16th 6:16pm

Someone Hijacks Cassie’s Swag AGAIN, This Time It’s…

As if everyone else hijacking it wasn’t enough, some new chick has decided to shave her head. Pop the top to find out who.

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February 16th 6:04pm

BBC Reporter Confesses On Air… He Killed His Lover By Smothering Him To Death!!!!

BBC TV presenter Ray Gosling has delivered a shocking on-air confession: he smothered his lover to death.

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February 16th 5:25pm

Kobe Bryant Does Gentlemen’s Quarterly

Here is your boy Kobe “Tell Me How My As* Taste” Bryant on the cover of GQ’s March 2010 issue… Ladies, you likey??? Flip it for another shot…

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