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Omar Epps Avidly Tells Larry King Truth About Tupac And Seeing Him 30 Minutes Before He Was Killed [Video]

What does he mean by “he was carrying something?”

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Jada Pinkett-Smith On Arsenio Says That Tupac Was Like A Father To Her And Talks About Her Mom Knowing “Will Smith Was The One!” [Video]

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7 Old School Hairstyles We Could Never Forget


9 Actors Who Could Play The Lead In The Tupac Biopic


The film now has a shooting date, producers, and more–but no lead actor.

7 Fashion Trends Only Tupac Could Pull Off

In Living Color: 30 Murals Honoring Dead Rappers


Whatchu Know About That?! 10 Songs We Probably Shouldn’t Have Been Singing As Kids


The older I got, the more I realized just how dirty those songs I used to love from the ’90s really were.

R.I.P. Tupac’s Bodyguard Frank Alexander Found Dead


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Bow Down Or Bow Out? Diss Songs That Caused Dumb Drama


Many of the rappers and singers who made this list have been known to cause controversy and have no problem speaking their mind.

Menace II Society Director Tells Blow For Blow Fight With Tupac And Talks How Larenz Tate Nailed Role! [Video]

Should Alan Hughes be talking about Tupac like this being that he’s dead?

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