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Playboi Carti & Iggy Azalea Robbed Of $350k+ Worth Of Jewelery In ATL Home Robbery

Playboi Carti & Iggy Azalea keep their lovely swirl lowkey and out the public eye. The last time they blessed up with a glimpse of their relationship was when Iggy blessed her ATL boo Carti with a brand new Lamborghini for his birthday. Both have been busy with their respective careers well at-least Carti has. Her boyfriend Playboi Carti always keeps it player and you will never see him going back & forth with anyone. He’s been touring all sides of the world and locked in working on his forthcoming album “Whole Lotta Red”. Meanwhile Iggy has spent most of summer 2019 engaged in social media arguing. Earlier this summer she went to war on twitter when a clearly fake story circulated the two had split and twitter users used that tweet for the hilarious “City Boys VS City Girls” movement. Iggy missed the memo it was a joke and responded with outrage calling everyone involved “bootleg bloggers” with pit stains in their clothes. The kicker was none of the folks were bloggers nor did they have pit stains. Iggy has also been involved in the never ending back & forth with rapper TI. TI claims Iggy has been one of his biggest mistakes in his career thus far. Thats a huge statement to suggest of her seeing how TI has been caught with guns which caused him to sever federal prison time. Not only that but he’s allegedly been caught cheating before and most recently faced ultimate feminist backlash over admitting her goes to his daughters female doctor visits to check her Hymen. Of all those things Iggy is what he claims as his biggest mistake so you can tell how strongly he feels about his distain towards her. Iggy hasn’t taken the comments lightly taking to the only place that cares what she has to say, twitter to fire back.

While Iggys day to day life has been pretty uneventful that all changed Sunday. According to TMZ, thats when her & Carti’s Buckhead mansion was burglarized.

Our sources say the missing items include custom rings, chains, bracelets, pendants, watches, earrings and even a diamond engagement ring. The missing jewelry is a mix of gold, diamonds, silver, platinum, pink sapphire and rose gold.

We’re told the amount of missing jewelry is worth a whopping $366,000!!!

The kicker to the burglary is Iggy was home at the time it occurred and claims she heard footsteps in the property but didn’t think much of it as she was expecting Carti to return home and the door was unlocked for him. Even tho she didn’t see the robbery face to face she claims he had a gun? Police now have the security footage which shows someone taking off with a bag leaving the property.

The story seemed a little iffy as stated by multiple social media users. With the story details stating she left the door unlocked we doubt this is an insurance scam but who knows? Were just glad everyone is ok because material items can be replaced.


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