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Marlo Hampton, Kenya Moore

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Real Housewives Of Atlanta always gives us more villains than a Batman movie with each and every season. This season was no different. The usual villain is Nene Leakes and she absolutely earned that spot this season. However, her villainy may have been overshadowed by one Kenya Moore, who was the biggest source of controversy for the entire season.

She and Nene feuded all season and even had to be pulled apart in Toronto. Normally that would be enough drama for one season but Kenya wasn’t done. She and Marc had an absolutely disastrous marriage that damn near fell apart. Then Kenya tried to get involved in a whole bunch of other relationships by not minding her business.

She got dragged all season. Want to know why? Hit the flip to see all the reasons…

The season started harmlessly enough with people being relatively sympathetic to Kenya. Okay, maybe not totally. We just know that everyone recognized how trash Marc was and how he was trashing the only woman interested in giving him the time of day.

The next week, Kenya and Eva got into it and once again fans were actually on Kenya’s side this time. They were coming for Eva for stepping out of line about Kenya and children.

Things started to change for Kenya when she rained on Mike and Cynthia’s proposal. Even Marc had to check her. Then she even fought Marc over the prenups and everything.

“For me, if you bring up prenup to me, it’s over,” said Marc. “I’m not gonna marry someone if they have a prenup. If you’re like with me, you’re all the way with me, or you not with me.”

He also added that if they ever got divorced she could have one of his restaurants.

“You could have it. I’ll build another one,’” Marc said. “I told her that. ‘You could have everything. Just take it all.”

Things heated up between Kenya and Nene and part of it was all about the accusation that Nene leaked the letter she wrote to Cynthia Bailey to LoveBScott. Kenya was sounding the alarm that it was NeNe the whole time.

Nene was still knee-deep in #SnakeGate and Kenya had enough. This led to almost straight-up brawling in Toronto that had them pulled away by producers.

The midseason trailer gave Kenya some vindication after it was revealed that Nene DID appear to spit on her. This had people on her side going after Nene who is absolutely the other villain of the season.

Things really started to turn bad for Kenya when she went for Tanya. Kenya tried to drive a wedge in Tanya’s relationship by bringing up some cookie lady and she ended up looking like boo boo the fool over it, said fans.

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Things got so bad that when it was revealed Marc was accused of cheating, people still didn’t have sympathy for Kenya. All because she tried to ruin a relationship on her own.

Kenya got furious at Nene for coming for her marriage and “bullying” but Twitter came with receipts for the fact she has gone off on other people’s marriage AND bullied so many cast members in the past. The hypocrisy was astounding.

By the time the finale rolled around, Kenya and Nene’s beef was explosive. If only they could have been face to face. Kenya’s spazzing on Nene had people finally maybe coming back to her side. Maybe she can end the season on a better note.



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