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Shamea Morton is going hard for her best friend Porsha Williams, so much so that she’s calling out one of her other good girlfriends.

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As previously reported it was Shamea who personally told Porsha that Kenya Moore was hinting that Porsha and Tanya Sam had a hot hookup with stripper Bolo after Cynthia Bailey’s bachelorette party. A peeved Porsha abruptly left a cast dinner after Kenya continued to claim that she heard “sex noises.” Later after the ladies returned to Atlanta, Kandi Burruss surprisingly said this about Kenya’s claims;

“Listen, I didn’t want to tell them that I heard anything, let’s just say I wouldn’t say that Kenya was lying,” said Kandi during a convo with her friend DonJuan.

According to Porsha’s bestie Shamea, that comment was unnecessary.

The #RHOA friend of the show was a recent guest on Kandi’s “Speak On It” YouTube show and she held Kandi, who she’s also good friends with, accountable for the comment. She also called out Marlo Hampton who Shamea said initially acted as though she was oblivious to what Kenya was alleging but then changed her story and said she “heard a sex party.” That’s not all however, Shamea also issued a stern warning to DonJuan for making disparaging comments about her friend.

See Shamea Morton “Speak On It” interview highlights below.

Shamea on Marlo changing her story about hearing “sex noises”: 

Shamea: “I didn’t like how Marlo was like, ‘Oh, it was sex noises’, then she’s like, ‘Well, not like a sex party!'” That didn’t feel a little shady to you? How quickly she switched over?”

Kandi: “At that point she wasn’t beefing with nobody at that point.”


Shamea: “I just can’t believe….that whole cosign from Marlo kind of hurt me.”

Kandi: “Marlo did not say Porsha’s name though.”



DonJuan on his “social justice snatch” comment about Porsha:

DonJuan: “That was a little bad. Watching it back, me and Porsha were friends for like 30 seconds. I love Porsha and I know watching this show, watching it back…you’ll be like ‘Uh-uh, I don’t like it.'”

Shamea: “Your little play on words is gonna get your a** beat.”


Kandi on her “Kenya’s not lying” comment about the sex noises: 

Shamea: “Let’s talk about how ya’ll shady a***es sat there at that table. That was so lame, Kandi you kinda flipped a little bit. You initially tried to plead the fifth then you gonna come and say,’ I ain’t gonna call Kenya no liar.’ Why you even had to say that?! You shoulda just kept quiet like you been doing.”


Kandi: “Honestly the way I looked at it is, I definitely was not trying to put the business out there like that. When I get around Don Juan and we talking, the longer we talk, the more comfortable we get. I’m not gonna say Kenya’s a liar, she’s not a liar. The same way Porsha is your friend, Kenya is my friend. I’m not here to be like cosigning.”

Shamea: “I thought you were doing a great job of being neutral up until tonight’s episode.”

Kandi: “I was just saying…I didn’t go into who was doing what or nothing like that.”


OOOP! Shamea doesn’t play when it comes to Porsha.


Fans are pointing out, however, that while Shamea is going SUPER hard for Porsha, her bestie previously didn’t have her back. Back in #RHOA season 9, Phaedra Parks brought up allegations that Shamea was in a sexual relationship Kandi and her husband Todd. Porsha didn’t deny the allegation and only added that her friend was “really close” with the couple.
Shamea admitted that she felt betrayed by her bestie but they’ve clearly buried the hatchet and moved on.

Watch Shamea Morton on Kandi’s “Speak On It” below.



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