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Candiace Dillard is speaking on the shade she sent on The Real Housewives of Potomac. On Sunday’s episode, Candiace somewhat settled things with Mia Thornton after that arugula altercation but she later had another blowup, this time with Ashley Darby.

Candiace Dillard Vs. Ashley Darby

Source: SOPHY HOLLAND / Bravo

At a dinner, Ashley asked Candiace’s husband, Chris Basset about that infamous salad toss dustup, and that somehow escalated into yet another Candiace Vs. Ashley shade session once Michael Darby was brought up. Michael is of course Ashley’s hubby that Chris has also traded shade with. 

“I took Candiace right out back and I said, ‘Listen, this is what needs to happen…'” said Chris about the salad toss moment. “I did [cuss Candiace out] “because I don’t subscribe to that. Look, y’all are gonna do whatever y’all do. [Mia’s husbad] G and I have not had a direct conversation, but we know– like, look: Y’all gonna do what you gonna do, but we good, right?”

“And I’ll be honest, I would like to get to a place with Michael where I am with G,” Chris added. “Where you [and Candiace] can go back and forth, and Michael and I can be like, it is what it is.”

“That is where you are,” said Ashley. “But Michael’s just had opinions about just how you control yourself, how you do your daily life. Just like you have strong opinions about how he lives his life and what he’s done.”

“I have never said not one thing about Michael…” countered Chris.

“False!” responded Ashley.

They then unpack Michael and Chris’ beef and despite Chris alleging that he has “never once talked s**t about Michael, ever in life,” Ashley noted that his wife [Candiace] has said numerous things which Michael took great offense to.

Candiace then jumped in.

Candiace: “Michael referred to Chris as white trash.”

Ashley: “What do you say about him? You call him a slave-driver!”

Candiace: “Because he drives his slaves…”

Ashley: “So you’re calling me a slave?! “B***h, you can’t get it straight to save your motherf**king life. That’s right. Cock your little lash sideways. Yeah, go ahead.”


Candiace said on the #RHOP Aftershow that this “raggedy girl” [Ashley] was coming for her again so she had to “stay on ready.” As for Ashley, she said on the aftershow that Candiace was “instigating another fight.”

Interestingly enough on last night’s episode, viewers also saw a moment when Candiace’s good girlfriends Robyn and Gizelle surprisingly didn’t side with her.


Askale Davis, RHOP, Real Housewives Of Potomac Season 6

Source: Shannon Finney / Bravo

Hit the flip for that.

During Candiace and Ashley’s latest shade session, Candiace hinted that Ashely was “to blame” for last year.


Last year is of course referencing the physical altercation between Candiace and former housewife Monique Samuels. According to the Green-Eyed Bandits [Gizelle and Robyn], Ashley’s far from being to blame, and Candiace maybe “hasn’t learned anything” from that dustup.


The Real Housewives of Potomac - Season 6

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Gizelle: “I wasn’t gonna let her blame you [Ashley] for last year. Like you had nothing to do with last year.”

Ashely: “But to do that with someone else, to be like ‘What you gonna do? I went through this last year’ and to put your finger in someone’s face.”

Gizelle: “Like, that’s not cool. I don’t like that.

Robyn: “It’s almost like she’s maybe asking for it or baiting it…”

Gizelle: “Because it makes me feel like—it makes me feel like last year happened in vain. Like, you learned nothing from it.”

Ashely: “Did you learn nothing?”

Gizelle emphasized in a confessional that “it seems as if she [Candiace] hasn’t learned a damn thing.”

Candiace might not be too pleased with Gizelle and Robyn, she retweeted a fan last night who said;

This all comes of course after Candiace hinted that she felt betrayed by Gizelle and Karen Huger who both agreed that Candiace “took things too far” with Mia Thornton.

Do YOU think Karen and the Green-Eyed Bandits are being shady???


See Ashley speak on her almost never-ending Candiace beef on “Watch What Happens Live” below.


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