Horoscopes For Week Of October 10

BOSSIP Weekly Horoscopes: Week Of October 9

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Bossip Horoscopes Source: iOne Digital / Tommy de Yampert


This past full moon should have brought or will bring news of good abundance, especially in the career sector and this is specifically true for entrepreneurs of all stripes including influencers. Remember to stay centered on your personal truth for the best outcomes and grab these golden nuggets as fast as you can and indulge your highest goals and dreams.
RED FLAG: If you’re signing any contracts over the next two weeks keep a strong balance between your emotions and your logic and triple-research any parts that you are not familiar with.
SWEET SPOT: Harness your divine masculine (and enhance your logical side) with fast-paced exercise, doing root chakra meditations, and spending time with the male loved ones in your life.

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