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Two Real Housewives of Atlanta who had a friendship might be on the outs after one of them called the other’s boo”aggressive” and doubled down while recalling their Love & Marriage Hunstville history.

Kenya Moore and Shereé Whitfield were seen on Sunday’s episode of #RHOA going back and forth after Kenya clashed with Shereé’s #LAMH honey, Martell Holt.


Sheree Vs Kenya

Source: RHOA Photo Credit: AB+DM (Ahmad Barber and Danté Maurice) / Bravo

During the show, Kenya shaded Martell after she revealed that he previously messaged her on Instagram and amid Kandi Burruss and Monyetta Shaw saying they heard rumors that his alleged playboy ways.

Kenya claimed that the reality star DM’ed her “at least six months ago” and things went left when Martell hopped in the convo.

“This yours?” asked Martell about Kenya’s phone. “Go to her messages right now and see she probably accepted everybody’s message. Where is the message?”

“He just insulted me,” said Kenya.

Martell initially flat-out denied messaging Kenya and then corrected himself and noted that he did DM her—but it was way back in 2020.

“That was two years ago, not six months ago. Read it!”

“Whatever it was you did it,” said Kenya as Martell’s message flashed across the screen. “I appreciate the “kind” words,” the mssage read.

Obviously peeved at Kenya’s allegation, Martell shaded the housewife and she clapped back.

“I don’t care if I was trying to f***k you two years ago,” said Martell. “Why are you talking about it?!”

“Excuse me?” asked Kenya. “Did you just curse at me? What did you say to this Queen standing in front of you?”

“You’re an a***hole, you did it to your ex-wife, you’re gonna do it to Shereé!” she added. “Once a cheater always a cheater, you f***g piece of s**! That is the same type of many that you’ve dealt with before!” she told Shereé.

Shereé however wasn’t buying it and said that Kenya was trying to create a narrative about the old DM.

Shereé & Kenya Face Off Over Martell’s DM

Later in the episode, Shereé and Kenya butted heads when Shereé accused Kenya of unfairly calling Martell “aggressive” while “ambushing him.”

“I don’t know him and I don’t want to get to know him,” said Kenya who said that she didn’t think to tell Shereé about the DM until she knew that Shereé was seriously dating Martell.

Shereé also noted that she knew about the DM because Martell previously told her about it, so when she asked Kenya to show her the message she was actually playing coy.

Kenya then said she was offended that Martell said that she accepts everyone’s message because it was hinting at her being promiscuous.

“He’s trying to say I’m a hoe!” said Kenya to a doubtful Shereé.

“There was no way I would have that reaction,” said Shereé. “You’re trying to make something out of nothing.”

Kenya continued to counter and said that Martell had no excuse to speak to her in that “unacceptable” manner, but Shereé wouldn’t back down.

“I’m appalled at how Kenya treated Martell,’ Shereé told #RHOA cameras. “She should be taking responsibility for her actions but yet she’s trying to defend herself.”
“What is your issue with calling Black men aggressive?” she aded in the confessional. “Are they public enemy number one because you don’t have one?”


Despite Shereé’s clap back, Kenya is doubling down and she’s telling fellow housewife Kandi Burruss exactly why.

During the most recent episode of Kandi’s “Speak On It” podcast, Kenya broke down what happened when “bald head, chocolate, peanut head” Martell DMed her.

According to Kenya, she previously defended him on a blog when people were accusing him of being a bad dad and Martell publicly commented back to express his gratitude by saying, “Thank you for your kind words.”

After that, however, Kenya said that he tried to move the conversation to her DMs but she refused to accept the message.

“He DMed me and I didn’t know what the DM said,” she added noting that she didn’t want him to think she was being flirtacious. “That’s why I never answered the DM, I don’t want him to think that I’m being receptive if he is trying to holler. I just left it like that, I never opened it.”

“You know I don’t know what I’m doing on social media and I’m not trying to give him the wrong idea,”she added to Kandi before noting that she believes there was more than one DM.

“Just because he’s showing you the nice friedly message, doesn’t mean he didn’t send the other messages [and deleted them],” agreed Kandi.

Kenya also said that decided to share the DM news because she saw that Shereé and Martell were together at the party arm in arm, and she didn’t want Martell to try to twist the story himself.


Kandi also noted that Martell’s demeanor was suspicious and thought he was trying to make Kenya look stupid. Kenya agreed, before reiterating her reason for telling Shereé.

“At the end of the day I didn’t really care, I just didn’t want the wrong message to be sent to Shereé like I was hitting on him or DM’ing him,” said Kenya.

Kenya Doubles Down On Calling Martell “Aggressive”

Elsewhere in “Speak On It” Kenya doubled down on labeling Martell aggressive.

“Listen, I call a spade a spade, ” said Kenya. “If it walks like a duck, acts like a duck, quacks like a duck—it’s a damn duck!  If you are cursing at a woman and putting a phone in her face, that is aggressive behavior.”


“If you’re angry, you’re yelling, you’re shoving things in my face—that is someone being aggressive. I don’t care what they look like, what gender they are, what race they are. Don’t sit here and try to gaslight me like I did something wrong, I defended myself.”


“I’m gonna meet that fire with fire,” she added.

She also noted that she was an avid Love & Marriage Huntsville watcher (the Carlos King-produced OWN show that Martell stars on) and recalled Martell’s previous behavior towards his ex-wife Melody Shari.


“I have learned so much, that’s why this time around with me dating, I’m looking for the signs,” said Kenya. “As soon as you show me who you are, I’m going to believe you. If you’re insulting woman for no reason—I already know who he is!”

“I already know who he is because I watched his show before, I was a fan of the show, it was a great show,” she added while recalling Melody previously saying that Martell wasn’t “keeping his penis in their home.”

“He was out giving penis out to people that weren’t in his home hence why he has a baby outside his marriage,” she added before denying being jealous of Shereé’s relationship. “That’s what I know about him. What am I jealous of?!”


“All d***k aint’ good d***k!” exclaimed Kenya who said she’d never let Martell touch her. “I don’t care how he’s slangin’ it, bussin’ it.”


I will take Bedroom Kandi over that d***k any day!”

Several people on Twitter agreed with Kenya’s point about #LAMH and recalled some of Martell’s messy moments.

At another point in the convo, Kenya also clapped back at Shereé saying that Kenya “rents” her boyfriends and accused the star of staging paparazzi pics. “Who gon’ rent me, boo?” said Kenya.

Messy, messy, messy!


Despite all of this drama, it looks like Shereé ultimately wants to put all this petty Martell Holt hoopla behind her and Kenya…

and all of this comes amid rumors that Shereé and Martell have broken up.


Do YOU think Kenya and Shereé can move past their petty #RHOA season 15 drama?

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