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Offset is gracing the cover of Variety and opening up about the passing of Takeoff, his new album, and quitting Codeine.

Perhaps the best part of watching an artist is their unavoidable growth in music and in their lives. Offset formerly of the group Migos is heading into a new era in and opening up about the changes with Variety. Inside his detailed cover story, he revealed that gave up a codeine habit and he wants to make it known.

“I put down lean,” he says. “I was drinking my whole career. It opened my mind up, but I never thought it helped me create. I feel like getting past that, cleaning up, and putting that message out.”

Elsewhere in the story, Offset says he’s embracing moving into his solo career and he’s praising his “bestie” and wife Cardi B for always having his back.

“She always got my back, right or wrong. We both are on the same mission to make each other better. Social is her strong point, so I listen to her social advice. And me, it’s the music, but I play behind the scenes; it’s my wife so I want to make sure she win.

“We are a great team,” he continues. “We’re a powerhouse at this point — icon status. We believe in God. We believe in family. We’re always going to keep winning.”

Cardi B joins to backup Offset’s stance and returns the praises for her husband.

“What I appreciate about my husband,” she says, “is that no matter what issue I am having personally or professionally, I know he will take care of me and our family. It’s handled. I know that I have a man who has my back for real. I fully support him in this next chapter of his music career.”

Speaking of Offset’s solo career, he couldn’t really open up about his album and situation with Migos or Quality Control due to legal matters. A few details were spilled however including the fact that the upcoming project includes features from Travis Scott, Future, Chloe Bailey, Latto, and Cardi.

In an emotional moment of the cover story, Offset abruptly ends the interview when he’s asked about his late friend Takeoff. 

“It’s hard for me to talk about sh*t right now,” he says to Janeé Bolden to Variety. “I’ve never talked about this stuff. Seriously. Talking about Take is hard, man,” he says, almost whispering. “Talking about all this sh*t is hard. That’s why I don’t, to be honest. That sh*t hurts. Like, it’s gonna put me in a mood, and I don’t want to get in that mood. Some things I don’t never tell nobody. He’s not here. That sh*t feels fake, bro,” he says, shaking his head at the unreality of the situation. “I get through my day thinking it’s fake. And I don’t say nothing to nobody about it.”

“I think I need to take a break.”

Offset never returned to finish the interview only to say “goodnight.”

There will be more to be said in the future from Offset as his upcoming album is on the way. It’s reportedly set to be one of the biggest releases from Universal this year.


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