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Part 2 of the #RHOA season 15 reunion is so full of secret receipts, “cousin” confrontations, Ralph Pittman & Drew Sidora‘s divorce drama, and a shady serenade that viewers wonder if the reality stars are acting.


Source: Clifton Prescod and Photo Assist by: Jocelyn Prescod / Bravo

After Drew Sidora’s alleged “Munch” Madness with Ty Young dominated headlines, the fallout with Ralph Pittman took over part 2 of the reunion. After confronting C̶o̶u̶s̶i̶n̶ F̶a̶i̶t̶h̶ “unverifiable” cousin Courtney Rhodes and her fellow housewives, Drew faced off with Ralph himself, Bravo TV reported.

The estranged couple took turns exposing their failing marriage despite the shocking news that they still live together. All that mess under one roof? Jesus, take the wheel!

It seems like there’s no chance in hell that Drew and Ralph will stay unhappily married, but they are sticking together for the kids. The couple shares Machai and Aniya together, in addition to Josiah from Drew’s previous relationship. Drew tearfully admitted that her children don’t know they’re separating.

Drew Checks Ralph’s “Cousin” Courtney About Speaking On Her Marriage & Her Son

RHOA: Ralph Pittman, Drew Sidora, Courtney Rhodes

Source: Clifton Prescod and Photo Assist by: Jocelyn Prescod / Bravo

While fans speculate whether Ty came between the marriage, Courtney certainly doesn’t mind tag-teaming with Ralph against Drew. For a new, long-lost relative, she sure found her way deep into their intimate business.

“Courtney doesn’t know anything about me and Ralph. He just met her 5 minutes ago. He’s been coaching her the whole season,” Drew explained, adding that she faithfully parrots his talking points.

Before Courtney could continue spilling tea that was totally not on Ralph’s behalf, Drew checked her nasty comments about Josiah. She had a lot to say about Ralph adopting Drew’s son when she thought the cameras and mics weren’t recording. She even tried to deny it until Andy confirmed hearing it.

“She was like adopt this child so I can go be in my gay lover relationship and you pay the bills,” Courtney previously said on camera.

Even Kenya Moore had to call out Courtney’s “evil” behavior involving Drew’s kids.

Chateau Shereé got a special delivery of receipts that Andy said were “incriminating” alleged texts between Drew and Ty. That’s just the beginning of the messiness before Ralph took the reunion stage.

Check out Ralph giving his side of the divorce drama with Drew and where they stand now after the flip.

Ralph Takes The Reunion Stage To Confront Drew About Allegedly Cheating With Ty


Source: The Real Housewives Of Atlanta / Bravo

Ralph confirmed that he and Drew still live under the same roof while going through mediation. Their tense stare-down gave way to an emotional showdown. After a recap of their season together, Drew gave him the peach she said he’s always been vying for.

Drew fought back tears as she explained trying to protect her husband and her marriage from the world. They both said they were faithful through the relationship, prompting Ralph to ask, “What about Ty?”

“Are you really going to sit here and play in my face right now?” Drew asked. “You have always chosen other women over me. You have always put me in a precarious position, time and time again,” she continued, adding that she always stuck by her man.

She also put him on blast for quitting marriage counseling, blocking the therapist Dr. Ken, and allegedly spreading the Ty narrative with Mimi Faust. Maybe Ralph is working his way to a peach after all!

Drew pulled out receipts of her own with a screenshot of a woman texting Ralph, but he didn’t break a sweat. She asked if he would “do right” by her publicly instead of continuing to “embarrass” her on TV. The slick talker had an excuse for every receipt and question, including his Magic Mike Live audition, which Kandi confirmed.

Ralph claimed the streets were talking about Drew with multiple women. Drew fired back that he just bragged about “getting bl*wjobs around the world.” Even Kandi had to clutch her pearls at that one.

See what made Kenya twirl into action for Drew’s defense and reactions to the shady serenade after the flip.

Kenya  Calls Out Ralph For “Colluding” With Courtney And “Siding With” Drew’s Enemies, Drew Serenades Ralph With A Breakup Song


Source: The Real Housewives Of Atlanta / Bravo

The “he said, she said” shade took an even more serious turn when Andy brought up Courtney’s adoption allegations. Despite almost a decade of marriage, Ralph called it a “hasty decision.” He dismissed the idea as interfering with another Black man’s chance to be a father.

The couple both admitted to loving each other, but Drew made an emotional declaration.

“I literally have given you all of my 30s, and you have completely broken my heart every year. Every time I try to come to you as my husband and say, ‘Babe, this is how I’m feeling,’ you never acknowledge my feelings. You never do right by me,” Drew said, explaining how he disrespected her family and isolated her from them.

“Why would you coach somebody you just met to go against your wife on this show?” she asked about Courtney.

Ralph sat emotionless as Drew broke down crying, and he calmly accused her of “acting.” “You’re not being serious right now,” he continued.

Drew stormed off in tears while Andy questioned Ralph’s utterly unbothered energy.

“Of course, I want to see my wife in a good place. I always supported her for a very long time. I always uplift her. I’m always supporting,” he suspiciously said.

Now, who’s flexing their acting skills, Ralph? Andy called him out before Kenya calmly read him for filth.

“You can’t say you’re supporting her when she tells you that someone is calling her a b*tch, and you’re like ‘Everyone calls you a b*tch so get over yourself,'” Kenya said.

“Or making Ike and Tina jokes,” Andy noted.

After dealing with her own divorce from an alleged master manipulator, Kenya could beat Ralph at his own gaslighting game. “It’s the same exact response,” she said her ex Marc Daly had in similar situations.

“You side with her enemies. Courtney has all this ammunition against her, all this stuff that she’s saying. She could have only gotten that from you. You are colluding with her enemy at this point,” Kenya continued.

If that drama wasn’t wild enough, the episode ended with Drew performing a song about their breakup. It got even more awkward with her singing directly to Ralph about their relationship problems. Even Andy had to cringe at the musical confrontation.

“I’ve seen a lot of awkward things on these reunions, but you singing the breakup song to Ralph was… up there!” he said, congratulating Drew.

The messy reunion had every corner of the internet talking about the shade, lies, conspiracies, and even speculation that Drew and Ralph’s over-the-top drama is staged. Check out some of the reactions below.

What do you think of part 2 of the #RHOA season 15 reunion? Which cast members do you want to see next season and whose peach belongs on the chopping block?

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