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Khloé Kardashian komically kept the klown kar from spinning the block when her Barnum & Bailey baby daddy Tristan Thompson suggested they live together after his paternity scandal.

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It seemed like deja vú when Tristan suggested that they reunite under one roof on the season 5 premiere of The Kardashians. He just moved out of Khloé’s home after briefly shacking up because his roof collapsed from severe weather. The Independent reports as the corny Canadian gave his former fiance a tour of his new home, he suggested they “combine” households. Nice try, Tristan!

From the look of Khloé’s blank stare, she finally seems as sick of the unserious serial inseminator’s shenanigans as the rest of us.

“We can just combine both houses, just live [as] one big happy family,” he said.

“No,” Khloé swiftly shot back.

“Just make a big trail, like, a big tunnel, you know? Like an overpass from here to your house,” he joked.

Yet, his baby mama wasn’t laughing as she sarcastically said, “That’s normal.”

Khloé Kardashian Doesn’t Backslide With Baby Daddy Tristan Thompson After He Fathered Another Child While They Were Expecting

Remy Martin celebrates Tristan Thompson's Birthday at Beauty & Essex

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Trifling Tristan famously fumbled their “big happy family” in 2021 when he got Maralee Nichols pregnant while he and Khloé were expecting their son Tatum via surrogate. They were already engaged at the time despite him reportedly cheating days before the birth of their daughter True in 2018. None of that stopped him from reckless rawdoggery with the personal trainer.

It’s unclear whether Tristan was really trying to rekindle the relationship or just cohabitate as co-parents. After all, the father of four is about to hit the road again to play with the Cleveland Cavaliers. Meanwhile, his family, including his 17-year-old brother Amari who is disabled and has epilepsy, will remain in L.A.

Khloé quickly came to their aid when Tristan’s mother passed last January. However, she’s not coming back or looking for a part-time roommate. She rolled her eyes when he konveniently klaimed Khloé was the peanut butter to his jelly in their “dynamic duo.”

“Like come on? Let’s just. You know where I standt. Sometimes I hate how much I have to think and be on guard to not do anything that might ever give a glimmer that there’s hope,” she explained in a confessional.

When Tristan gave the Good American founder an awkwardly long hug, she reminded him, “You gotta let go.” As they walked out, she basically told him to give her six feet of space. Enforce those boundaries!

“It’s never going to end,” she said as he waved goodbye like a sad pound puppy that will run away from home again the first chance he gets. In fact, Khloé felt “relieved” to get some breathing room as Tristan traded in his Lakers jersey for the Cavaliers.

Been There, Done That: Fans Are Fed Up With “Same Narrative” Of Tristan Thompson’s Kardashians Komeback

Celebrity Sightings In Los Angeles - August 17, 2018

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Befuddled fans komplained about Tristan’s recycled storyline of trying to win Khloé back again. In season 4, the Ontario native laid it on thick for his redemption arc. He tried to konvince Khloé and the rest of the Kardashian klan that he was “in a place now where I can actually really see and own up to the mistakes” he made.

Considering all the questions about when or if Tristan ever spends time with his son Theo, that doesn’t quite curl over, but ok. Viewers chimed in celebrating that Khloé looked “checked out” and “over it” regardless of anything Tristan tried. The love is still there as the father of their two children and Khloé still supports Amari, but she’s choosing herself this time!

Check out some of the fan reactions below.

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