Catch Fade: Watch Judge “Throw Hands” & Public Defender Scrap It Out Before Returning To Bench Like The Fade Was Nothing [Video]

“Throw Hands” and the PD are pure comedy… not wanting to press charges.

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Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Ep. 6 Best Moments: Jose’s Photoshoot And “Bambi” Vs “Erica P.” [Video]

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#WeHere…In Jail: Mike Epps Wanted For Assaulting Comedian Who Spoofed His Kevin Hart Beef

Screen Shot 2014-06-02 at 12.44.12 PM

Mike Epps Wanted For Assault

Mike Epps is about to post a “we here” selfie from jail…
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*Updated Exclusive* Catch Fade Onstage: Slowbucks Chain Snatched At Summer Jam During Fabolous/50 Cent Set [Photos/Video]

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Drunk In Love: 50 Cent Tells “The Breakfast Club” He Loved Ciara, Says His New Son Was “An Arrangement” And Reveals Bey Once Got Gully With Him Over Jay Z!

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Rickey Smiley Show: Dr. Breedlove Argues With Ebony Steele Because He Thinks “All Black Men Should Have A White Sidepiece” [Video]

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Twin Girls And Mother Stomped And Hair Pulled Out On Tape By ATL Girl Gang “Young Ladies Out Mobbin” [Video]

These birds have the NERVE to call themselves “ladies?”

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Teen Attacks Deli Clerks And Shoots Them Up… Because He Couldn’t Get His Swisher Sweet! [Video]

Dummy could’ve walked down the block and got his smokes. Now, he will have some booty-smuggled-smokes along with a cellmate named “Brutus” to smoke the cigs with. SMH…

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“Papi” In Trouble After Viral Video Shows Him Encouraging His Son To Fight School Bully [Video]

Well… fighting isn’t the answer, but facing your fears IS the answer.

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