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Teen Takes “Sex Games” Too Far At School And Is Charged With Rape After Stealing 15-Yr-Old Girls V-Card [Video]

Owen here… just had to win.

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Heartless Man In Trouble After Dog Found In Horrendous Condition [Video]

That dog looks like a chupacabra!

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Angry Mob Stops Carjacker From Taking A Van With Family Inside & Commences To Whip-His-Tail! [Video]

This took place in San Diego… Not Brazil.
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Boyfriend Arrested For Beautiful Teacher’s Murder: Held On Other Charges And Mugshot Says “Guilty” [Video]

It’s obvious he didn’t eat anything last night in the pokie.

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Former Georgia Tech Football Star Charged With Keeping 13-Year Old Son In Basement For 2-Years (Has 10-Kids) [Video]

“Mean Dad” here has been running a compound… having 10 kids!?
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