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It’s time for reality stars from “Black Ink Crew Chicago”, “Love & Hip Hop” and “Little Women Atlanta” to knuckle up or shut up, and it’s all going down tonight.

Six-time World Boxing Champion Zab Judah formerly of “Boxer Wives” as seen on BOSSIP is launching his Celebrity Boxing Championship on Saturday, April 3, 2021, at 8 pm ET in Atlanta.

Celebrity Championship Boxing Pre-Fight Dinner

Source: Marcus Ingram / Getty

Celebrity Championship Boxing Pre-Fight Dinner

Source: Marcus Ingram / Getty

This new boxing championship exhibition league is featuring social media influencers, sports figures, entertainers, actors, who are putting on gloves and facing off in the ring. Following tonight’s bouts, fights will be presented on PPV with FITE every 90 days.

Tonight’s event will feature celebrity judges, hosting by Yahya McClain, 12oz. gloves and commentating from Yung Joc.

While other bouts will take place as undercards, the main showdown will feature “Black Ink Crew: Chicago’s” Don Bishop Vs. SlapMaster.

Before heading into the ring, the two opponents met up face-to-face in Atlanta at a lavish private dinner at The Sugar Factory. During the pre-ring showdown tension brewed and the international slap champion remarked that “someone was going to sleep.” Don however seemed confident that that person wouldn’t be him.

Projected Winner: With his intense training and bodybuilding, Don should easily take home the win.

In addition to Don and SlapMaster, the evening brought the rest of the rivals into close quarters.

A confident Bianca Bonnie and her nemesis Miami rapper Blanca La Fina had a pre-show standoff and Bianca seemed unfazed. “We’re gonna see what’s poppin’ tomorrow,” said the “Heard Ju” rapper.

Blanca, who flashed a fully gold grill, was also seemingly unbothered and didn’t back down from Bianca during their showdown regulated by Yahya McClain.

Projected Winner: Bianca Bonnie has been hinting that she’s ready for the faceoff and assuring her 1.3 million followers that she’ll win. We’d be surprised if she dropped the ball and let the bodaciously baaawdied Miami rapper get the best of her.


“Little Women Atlanta” star Abira and “Little Women Dallas” star Left Cheek are going head-to-head for a boxing bout. During Zab Judah’s dinner, Abira [L] was oozing with confidence as she stepped up to Left Cheek who remained calm and mostly quiet.

According to Cheek’s longtime boyfriend Wooda who was also in attendance at the pre-fight dinner, his reality star girlfriend turned boxer doesn’t have to say much. “No talk!” said Wooda as the “Little Women Dallas” star pantomimed zipping her lips to drive the point home.

Projected Winner: We’d be surprised to see Abira NOT take home the win. The serially scrappy star never runs from a fight as seen on TV, and she’s quick on her feet.


Lastly, during Zab Judah’s dinner, B2K’s Raz B seemed SURE that he’d be taking home the belt during his bout with rapper Young Steff. 

Not to be outdone, Steff whose been training in the gym, laughed his way through his showdown with the star.

Projected Winner: Based on his time in the gym, Young Steff seems serious about besting the singer. We’ll see however how that works out…


Zab Judah’s Celebrity Boxing Championship takes place tonight Saturday, April 3, 2021, at 8 pm ET.

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