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Rick Ross chimes in on the latest Kanye West and Drake drama, which comes days after Kanye posted Drake’s address before deleting it seconds later.

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Kanye West has been dominating the second half of summer 2021 with the rollout for his upcoming album, DONDA. The project marks a redemption arc for Kanye, who’s making what many consider to be the best music he’s put out in years. He is also engaging fans like we haven’t seen in some time with three sold out stadium shows for the album, despite not releasing the album after playing it almost a month ago.

When he first played the album, many listeners assumed they heard several shots at Drake, including one about staying out the way of Kanye’s release. Drake’s upcoming album, Certified Lover Boy, has been delayed since January. His lead single, “Laugh Now Cry Later” was released over a year ago, but still, there’s no album in sight. Drake has hinted that he’s ready to release the album, but Kanye West is ready to release as well, with many thinking he is waiting for Drake in an effort to drop his project at the same time

Rick Ross was recently on SiriusXM’s The Mike Muse Show, where he was asked about the feud. Luckily for fans, he didn’t hold back, sharing his excitement for the competition between the two.

When asked about the drama, Ross answered, “I love it.” Ross then read a text on-air Drake recently sent him simply reading, “Everything is unfolding. I’m about to be as free as a bird.”

“And I just, I couldn’t do nothing but put ‘hahahaha’ because to me, I understand the genius to both of these artists, and I understand this is nothing personal to them,” said Ross. “This is two levels of creativity inspiring each other. Because they both are right now thinking of the artwork, thinking of the credits. Where do we place, what color is this, and to me, it only makes the game that much more genius, that much more valuable. Watching Kanye doing listening events in the Mercedes-Benz Stadium. You know what that is for a black artist? It wasn’t many years ago they wouldn’t even let a Black man into those types of arenas and now just to present my LP to some of my most valuable fans, we just going to listen, I’m not going to say one word.”

Ross went on to say the feud is just Hip-Hop at work.

“Kanye posted Drake’s address on the Instagram, but who didn’t have Drake address already? It’s the only hundred million dollar estate in Canada,” Ross said with a laugh. “So if you don’t understand what’s going on, you would’ve thought that was personal. It really wasn’t. That’s just them getting ready for as Drake said ‘everything unfolding.’”

Drake’s response to Kanye posting his address was all good-spirited laughs, which could signal this really isn’t beef. The two have always traded shots while praising each other publicly, so it’s hard to see what their real relationship is behind the scenes.

With these two being the best active Hip-Hop artists in the game right now, a little competition will always be in the air. Plus, the pair previously lived beside each other for quite some time, so this isn’t just two strangers beefing; they’re going for blood.


Allegedly, Drake and Kanye have been on speaking terms although Drake reportedly stood up Kanye and Travis Scott three times when Travis attempted to make amends between the two. Drake is said to have stopped responding to the good faith truce once Kanye asked about his album release date, which was the source of all the prior drama in 2018. Many have been quick to point out this could all be a WWE-type play from everyone involved to sell more albums on both ends, but at the end of the day, are we not entertained?




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