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Multi-dater Ne-Yo‘s trio is going strong in a throuple that he says marks his “first time in a situation like this.” He also recently revealed whether or not he’d say “I do” times two.

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The “Closer” singer’s love life is all over the headlines (once again). After a baecation with two baddies in Jamaica, he’s now confirmed his unconventional relationship status. TMZ reports cameras clocked Ne-Yo holding hands with both of his girlfriends in L.A., and he weighed in on polygamy.

From long-term monogamy to marriage, alleged threesomes and affairs, baby mama drama, and now a thriving throuple, it seems like Ne-Yo’s done it all in relationships. When asked if he’d tie the knot with multiple women, it doesn’t seem like it crossed his mind.

“Legalizing polygamy? I didn’t know it was illegal,” he said to TMZ. “You should let people do whatever the hell they want to do.”

The Grammy winner isn’t worried about changing that anytime soon. Still, he thinks the law should stay out of love as long as it’s not “hurting anybody.”

“To be honest, I don’t need the government to tell me what I can and can’t do in my personal life,” he continued.

Ne-Yo added that he doesn’t know if he’d want two wives one day, but it “depends on the situation.” He sounded unbothered about jumping a broom with both as long as “the people I love know I love them, and they love me.”

He also encouraged other people to do their own thing that “works for them,” regardless of what he or anyone else thinks. “I don’t recommend anything to anybody.”

When it comes to opening up about the thrills of a throuple, Ne-Yo says he might “Say It” in future songs. Yet, fans could have to wait a while since this is relatively new for him. Cameras spotted Ne-Yo’s trio for the first time in July 2023.

Even without a three-way wedding in their future, it looks somewhat serious with the Champagne & Roses star’s glove-trotting girlfriends.

Do the ladies loving Ne-Yo want to share him in matrimony? Check out their responses for yourself on the flip.

Ne-Yo’s Exes Accused Him Of Fedora’d Phlandering And Wanting “Too Many Threesomes” Before His “First Time” Openly Dating Two Women

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Although the paparazzi pointed out that Ne-Yo’s music previously focused on one woman, his exes have very different stories. As BOSSIP previously reported, ex-wife Crystal Renay said she discovered his fedora’d philandering months after she gave birth to their third child, Isabella, in 2021. He also shares Shaffer Jr. aka “SJ,” 8, and Roman, 5, with Renay.

Crystal recently revealed that she suspected Ne-Yo’s sneaky links because of a suspiciously open-minded interview on The Breakfast Club. A week later, the Bold and Bougie star filed for divorce from Ne-Yo, citing a pregnant side chick.

The “So Sick” singer’s infidelity with influencer Sade Bagnerise resulted in a son, Braiden, in 2021. She gave birth to their second son, Brixton, in 2023.

His former fianceé Monyetta Shaw-Carter claimed their relationship ended because he couldn’t be a one-woman man. The RHOA alum agreed to spice things up occasionally, however, Monyetta called off the engagement over too many “threesomes with Ne-Yo” because “it became a problem when you want that a lot.”

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