Former Teacher Charged With Sexual Molestation That Happened 30-Years Ago! [Video]


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Pure Comedy Penguin Thief: Man Stuffs Raw Meat Down His Sweats And Waddles Like Duck Out Store! [Video]

Come on, man!!!!

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Footage Surfaces Of Girl & Boyfriend Accused Of Killing Mother Partying It Up With Her Credit Card At Momo In Bali After Murder [Video]

How crazy is this chick… Partying it up on her dead mother’s credit card??

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“Creepy” Joel Jones Uses Craigslist To Lure Woman Into Sexual Assault… Then Calls The Police On Himself Telling Everything! [Video]

“Hello, yeah… this is Creepy Joel Jones! Yeah, I need an officer over here because I couldn’t control my loins!”

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Shady Pastor “Rev. Willard” Popped For Stealing $1 Million In Tithes And Offerings For His Rolex And Other Luxuries [Video]

False prophet was out making a prophet…
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Black Man, With Texturizer, Goes On Spiel About “Race Rioters And Looters” In Ferguson [Video]

His Texturizer is killing us… Looking like a healthy Ralph Tresvant.

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