Teachers Ain’t Isht: HIV-Positive Gay Educator Arrested For Unprotected Sex With Teen Student [Video]

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*Update* On Actress Daniele Watts (Django Unchained) Accused Of Prostitution By Police After Kissing White Boyfriend [Video]

danielle watts2

We reported on Daniele Watts being detained, handcuffed, and humiliated by LAPD after she showed public affection to her boyfriend, Brian James Lucas. The “PIGS” thought she was a “prostitute.”
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Sweet Revenge: Woman Gets Outbid On Dream Home, Mercilessly Pranks New Homeowners


This is some extra-bitter isht right here… Continue »

Eff Prison! Apollo Nida Did NOT Report To Prison As Scheduled — Feds Issue Arrest Warrant


Guess he lost track of time in the booty club… Continue »

Cali Woman Caught On Tape Roughing Up Scooter Driving Roommate Was High On Go Fast: Victim Speaks Out Blaming Media [Video]

Battered man syndrome?

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