Blind Item Revealed: Has Hubby Hov Been Bold Enough To Step Out On Beyoncé In Public?


If they thought a few Tumblr photos, a well executed YouTube clip and a lunch in New Orleans would stop the troubled marriage talk, they thought wrong. Continue »

Group Of 26 Italian Women Who Chopped Down Priests Beg Vatican To Drop Celibacy Vow


They’re down on their knees alright. Continue »

Sneak Peek Of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta: Stevie J & Joseline’s Assistant Gives Mimi Some Damaging News About The “Fake Couple” [Video]

Continue »

There’s More? New Donald Sterling Tapes Arise – Says V. Stiviano Hates Being Black & Bleaches Her Skin


Does EVERYONE in his circle tape their phone convos? Continue »

Scandalous All The Way Around: Cheating Sheriff Wrongly Sends Email To Staff Instead Of Mistress And Fires Them All To Cover Butt [Video]

SMH @ The poor fired fellow yelling out… “It’s none of my business what he done, I could careless!”

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