February 9th 9:35am

In White Folks News: Karl “Foot In His Mouth” Lagerfeld Backpedals On Remarks About Adele Being “A Little Too Fat”

How nice of Karl to take a moment to defend his meanie comments about Adele being fat:

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February 9th 9:20am

Epitome Of A Terrible Father? Chinese Man Had His 4-Year-Old Son Out In The Snow Doing Pushups In His Pullups [Video]

Is this child abuse, or does pushing your kid to extremes help make them stronger?

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February 9th 9:18am

What Is Wrong With This Picture???

Here is a photograph of someone posing with some money.

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February 9th 8:58am

Permed Up Al Sharpton Gives Dr. Cornel West A “Ho Sit Down” For Going In On Black MSNBC Commentator Melissa Harris-Perry

Al Sharpton is defending Melissa Harris-Perry from the scathing words of Dr. Cornel West

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February 9th 8:16am

SMH: Man Murks Couple After They Deleted His Grown Azz Daughter As A Friend On Facebook

All this killing over Facebook friends and statuses is getting wayyyyyyyy out of hand:

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February 9th 8:04am

Redemption Time: Chris Brown Planning “Big Time Super Duper Over-The-Top” Performance For Grammys

Are you ready for Breezy’s performance for this year’s Grammy Awards coming up on Sunday??? If not, you better brace yourself, cuz it’s gonna be a doozy!

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