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Hi Hater: Rosie O’Donnell Fires Shots At Lindsay Lohan’s Show And She Doesn’t Care Who “OWNS” It [Video]

Well… tell us how you really feel.

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Exclusive: “Iyanla Fix My Life” First Look With Bobbi Kristina Brown! [Video]

Only Iyanla can turn Bobbi Kristina’s life around… Only Iyanla.

Official First Look At Lindsay Lohan’s New Show: Oprah Intervenes In Taping Saying “You Need To Stop The Bullsh**!” [Video]

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Oprah, Kim Kardashian, And Jack Black Sing For Jay Leno’s Last Late Night Show [Video]

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Celebs Who Failed Miserably Before Winning Epically

Celebs who failed PF

Here are 10 celebrities who tried, failed, tried again, and succeeded massively.

You Mad? The Sore Losers Who Hated On Oprah Winning In 2013

Oprah You Mad

Check out some of the D-listers,  sore losers and professional haters who threw shade at Oprah Winfrey this year.

This Designer Put Oprah’s Head On A Nude Body

Oprah Is Having A Yard Sale! And We Want EVERYTHING