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The green-eyed bandits are back at it again with the gaslighting, and fed-up fans are ready to boycott the reunion. In a clip released from the finale of the never-ending Real Housewives of Potomac Season 8 reunion, Gizelle Bryant, once again, moved the goalposts for what’s acceptable behavior.

RHOP Reunion--Gizelle, Candiace, Mia

Source: Clifton Prescod / Bravo

When discussing the fight that ensued  at she and Ashley Darby‘s hot mess GnA fashion without fashions show, Gizelle placed the blame on Candiace, Wendy and Keiarna—the three people who were attacked. Choosing to focus on what was said to provoke the attack, the President of the “I’m right because I’m light” fan club claimed “everyone was responsible” for leaving a stain on the brand’s launch.

“Trying to start a business and it being on TMZ for there to be a brawl is disturbing,” Gizelle said.

Karen Huger then asks Candiace would she said to the woman, Ashley’s friend Deborah Williams, before the brawl.

“After she walked up to me, cameras were down and were standing around. I was standing there with my champagne, dancing and she walked up to me…got right in my face and said ‘do you have something you want to say to me,” Candiace explained.

She continued,

“I said, ‘no, come get this vermin out of my face…”

This is where the gaslighting goes up a notch as Mia Thornton—who threw a drink in Wendy’s face last year and received support from both Robyn Dixon and Gizelle in the aftermath—claims that Candiace’s name calling was the issue saying,

“Well that’s why she threw the drink.”

Girl. The RHOP Season 8 reunion has caused many to question what Andy Cohen and the producers at Bravo are really up to as Robyn, Gizelle and Ashley continue to dodge the accountability they so easily demand of everyone else.

Candiace Responds To “Triggering” Trailer As Fed-Up Fans Call For A Boycott Of Watching The Reunion

RHOP Season 8 Reunion

Source: Jocelyn Prescod / Bravo

We already know Candiace was frustrated enough to leave the show. Seeing the latest reunion clip circulating seemed to confirm her decision. She responded by calling the preview “triggering” and said, “You all can literally have this.”

From the lackluster conversation on colorism at last year’s reunion to the dog-piling on Wendy and Candiace that has continued this season, the fans have had it.

For those new to the mess, the bad blood between Candiace and Deborah started last season when the latter made up a story about the former’s husband. Deborah alleged that Chris was flirting with her and went as far as including Wendy’s husband Eddie in it as well. The Bravo cameras determined it was a complete lie; however, Ashley thought the two ladies would be able to coexist for some reason.

The brawl made its way to the internet before the season aired but did not air until the final episode. It shows Deborah brutally attacking both Candiace and Keiarna, with the latter ending up in the hospital. Deborah later took her antics to social media, mocking the injuries Keiarna sustained and calling her behavior self-defense. The Bravo cameras proved that, too, was a lie.

The fans are urging everyone not to tune in to the finale of the reunion on Sunday, April 14. They hope a protest will force producers to restructure the cast of the show. By that, they mean fire Gizelle, Robyn and Ashley to create a safe space for cast members darker than a paper bag.


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