Another Day, Another Police Shooting: Louisiana Sheriff’s Deputy Opens Fire And Kills 14-Year-Old Boy Reported For Entering Abandoned Home With Friends


This is so sad. A 14-year-old high school freshman who has been described by friends as kind and respectful was shot and killed. Continue »

Watch One-Time Shoot Point Blank Into Man’s Chest After Reaching For Pepper Spray During An Arrest (Looks Like Brazil) [Video]

death clinch

The graphic footage also shows the man dying at the end.
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Hateful History: Have More Blacks Been Killed By Police Than By Lynchings During Jim Crow Era?

Mike Brown Darren Wilson

Since Michael Brown’s life was taken last month, the public has been paying closer attention than ever to the growing number of black lives claimed by the police.

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White Man With Gun Is Peacefully Disarmed, But Dark Skinned Man With Sword Is Gunned Down And Killed By Police [Video]

Oh, the joys! Continue »

Check Out Raw Footage Of Contractors Witnessing Michael Brown Shooting Reactions And The New Witnesses Speak Out [Video]

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Vice Principal Is Pissed At Police For Arresting Him After He Brought A Gun To School [Video]

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