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Lebron James Bikes, Runs, And Hoops With The Kids Of Miami In New “Training Day” Nike Commercial [Video]

Lebron Nike commercial

King James uses a nice wholesome commercial to sell his $200 sneakers Continue »

Short Hair, Don’t Care: Ashanti Flaunts New Chopped Locks At Her Surprise Birthday Party In NYC

Are you feelin’ Ashanti’s bob and weave-less look? Continue »

Hate It Or Love It??? R. Kelly’s New Jawn “Genius” [Audio]


The Pied Piper is back to show the ladies just how big his…ego is… Continue »

Hate It Or Love It?!?! Drizzy Drake Featuring Humpback Hov “Pound Cake”


When your album leaks more than a week before it comes out, nothing was the same… Continue »