Single Mother Of 4 Calls 911 On HERSELF For Being Drunk And In Fear Of Hurting Her Kids [Video]

4 Kids by yourself? How could anyone do that?
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Get Right: Check Out The Biggest Losers Before And After Transformations! [Video]

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O.J. Simpson Fears Brain Cancer Is Terminal & Requests Clemency From President Obama As His Health Deteriorates

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Jesus Take The EBT Card: Obese Lady With 7-Foot Butt Says “I Got The Biggest Booty In The World!” [Video]

Talk about inspiration to stay healthy? There goes breakfast… SMH.
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Oakland: Black Family Fighting Against Hospital Wanting To Take Child Off Life-Support Machine! [Video]

This is all around sad… how’d the hospital mess up this bad!?

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What Package?: Scientist Say Toddler Cured Of HIV!! [Video]

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