They Killing Everybody In New Orleans: 15-People Shot And 2-Teens Killed Over The Weekend [Video]

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They Shootin! Man Fires Eight Rounds At Group Of Women Who Refused To Have Sex With Him & His Friends

gunfiringFirst the crazy Stockton shooter & now this nutcase? Sexual frustration must be at an all time high in Cali…. Continue »

Thug Boyfriend Shoots Girlfriend’s 7-Year Old Son And She Says “But, I Still Love Him!” [Video]

His uncle is not having it… and he already told his sister “Hawkins is bad news!”

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Hide Ya Kids: Michael Jace’s Ex-Wife Says Son Who Witnessed Shooting Of Stepmom Was ALWAYS Terrified Of Him!

Third Season Premiere Of The Shield

When you are known to scare small children and animals something is probably off! Continue »

We Don’t Blame Them: Mother & Her 5-Year Old Shooting Victim Son Scared To Return Back To Neighborhood [Video]

Gotta give the kid a chance!

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