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Ho, Sit DOWN! GOP Advocate Insults Sasha & Malia Obama – “Dress Like You Deserve Some Respect, Not A Spot At A Bar!”

Somebody get this broad a seat or 7 before our First Lady has to go Chi-town on her… Continue »

Obama Says “The White House Pies Are So Good… You Would Think There Was Crack In Them” [Video]

Them white folks sure did laugh hard at that joke… SMH.

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Bolitics: First Lady Michelle Obama Addresses Rumors That She’s Running For Congress In 2016

Is the first lady following in her hubby’s footsteps? Continue »

Don Lemon Goes Crazy On Guest Trying To Sneak Diss The First Lady’s Gesture To Kidnapped Nigerian Girls [Video]

Don acts like he’s got a little heart…

Someone We Actually Like: Michelle Obama Represents For Her Friend Anna Wintour’s Museum Of Art [Video]

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First Lady Michelle Obama Talks Scandal Season Finale [Video]

If FLOTUS only knew what’s been on that cheek…

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What Swag Looks Like: FLOTUS Michelle Obama Learns Tai Chi [Video]

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Just The Girls!: First Lady Michelle Obama Takes Her Daughters To The Great Wall Of China [Video]

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Caption This

Life as an Obama family dog looks pretty great right now… Continue »


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