Why Is This Sexually Assaulted 16-Year Old Conducting Interviews Saying “Sex With The Female Security Guard Ruined Me” [Video]

This young man’s mom is pushing this… He seems to have just been “caught.”

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Freaks: Woman Gets Sent To The ER With Swollen Vajajay After Rough Sex [Video]

Her box was on life support. Continue »

Freakazoid Teacher Popped For Sexual Battery On Student [Video]

Freaky 24-year old “Social Studies” teacher giving extra credit on her backs!

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Footage Of Usain Bolt Daggering The Intestines Out Of Trini Girl Sparks Ne-Yo To Say “In America That’s Sexual Assault!” [Video]

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Nick Cannon Lists Hollywood Women He Chopped Up “Kim Kardashian, Nicole Scherzinger, ETC…” [Video]

Nick’s put in some work… taking shots at Chelsea Handler and Kim Kardashian?

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