It’s Just A Phone: The Release Of The New iPhone 6’s Cause Pandemonium Across The World

Apple iPhone 6

Social Media Reacts To The Release Of the iPhone 6

Today’s release of the iPhone 6, and 6 Plus, has the internet, the streets, and the tech geeks goin’ nuts! Some Apple sycophants have been sleeping on the streets for a week, others a couple days, but regarless these people either care very little about their lives, or have no life at all. Starting early this morning the iPhone fanaticism had reached a fever-pitch and tweets and videos began to pour in from all around the world of mile-long lines, jubilant customers, and anxious Apple users waiting on pins and needles for the FedEx man to drop off their coveted communication device.

Flip the page to read the reactions to the iPhone 6 release.

Image via Twitter


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