SMH: Alabama Football Player Kicked Off Team For Racist Tweet About Obama During Newtown Speech “Get That Ni**er Off My TV!!”


President Obama interrupted Monday Night Football to give a speech about the Newtown tragedies and it looks like not everyone in America appreciated it…. Continue »

Put On Blast: Nick Cannon Finally Explains Why He Had To Kick Kimmy Cakes To The Curb


It wasn’t because he was trying to hook up with Mariah either… Continue »

Arrests: Trey Songz Popped By OneTime For Slappin’ A Beyotch In The Face … With A Stack!

Screen Shot 2012-12-15 at 1.03.15 PM

Trey wasn’t acting very gentlemanly at the gentleman’s club! Continue »

Holiday Recession Special: Walmart To Slash Prices For iPhone And iPad

And yes, it’s actually a decent discount this time.. Continue »

R.I.P.: First Photos And Identities Of Victims Of Newtown Massacre Being Released


The first names and photos of victims of the CT elementary school shooting are starting to be released. Continue »


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