Bossip Exclusive: Bokeem Woodbine Was Jaded When It Came To Role In New Movie “Devil” But Freaked Out By The Illuminati…

Bokeem Woodbine "DEVIL" Movie

Bokeem Woodbine… even though he lives his life under the radar, there’s never a dull moment when he comes across the movie screen. He’s starred in a handful of unforgettable movies, Jason’s Lyric, Dead Presidents, Ray and Gridlock’d, just to name a few. In a exclusive interview with Bossip, Bokeem gives us a little insight on his latest role to date in new movie “DEVIL”, his thoughts on the Illuminati, blogs and more…

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Bossip Exclusive: Meet The Man Responsible For Nicki Minaj’s Billboard Chart Hit “Your Love”

Nicki Minaj

Some of you would say that Lil Wayne is solely responsible for Nicki Minaj’s fame and you would be right. However, if it wasn’t for a music producer by the name of Pop from Philly that produced “Beam Me Up Scotty”, which was the name of her mixtape that help create a buzz for the Harajuku Barbie… We would all probably be saying Nicki Mi-Who?? In an exclusive interview with music producer Pop, he tells how in got into the music game, his father’s legacy and how he started politicin’ with Nicki Minaj!!! Continue »

*Bossip Exclusive* Get An Early Preview Of Seal’s Latest Album “Seal 6:Commitment”


Seal is set to release his latest album Seal 6: Commitment on September 28th and BOSSIP is hosting an exclusive listening session — online. Keep reading for more details and to get an early listen. Continue »

*BOSSIP Premiere* Donnell Jones “Strip Club” Feat. Yung Joc

Donnell Jones Cover Lyrics

Donnell Jones returns with his latest album Lyrics September 28th and we’ve got his new single “Strip Club” featuring Yung Joc for ya! Check it out below: Continue »

Would You Hit It: Young Jeezy Modeling 8732 *Exclusive Pics*

Young Jeezy for 8732

Young Jeezy Poses in 8732

We got our hands on some exclusive shots from the upcoming Fall 2010 campaign for Young Jeezy’s clothing line USDA 8732. Continue »

Bossip Tweetstakes: Enter To Win An Evening Of Luxury Relaxation In Jeremih’s “All About You” Pampering Suite


Attention Jeremih fans! If you’re in the ATLANTA area, BOSSIP and Def Jam are offering you the chance to attend a special evening of music, cocktails and spa treatments at the Artmore Hotel all compliments of Def Jam artist Jeremih! Continue »

New Black Kid On The Block: Rosa Acosta Is Tweeting About “SIX” [Video]

Bossip: So, Rosa Acosta was tweeting about you. How old are you- 20

SIX. 20

Bossip: How long have you been pursing your music?

Six: Since I was 16. But I moved to LA from The Bay Area and I met my label owner Mack YOLO Music Group LLC

Bossip: That’s our boy Christopher Mykel Monroe. Your New Ep your dropping with DJ iLL WiLL & DJ ROCKSTAR is titled “TEENAGE WASTELAND.” Why that title?

SIX: I was recording and dropped a line saying ” Teenage wasteland Hollywood Playground ” My Manager Mack was like name the Ep ” TEENAGE WASTELAND” and it fit. Teenage Wasteland Is a state of mind that most of today’s youth live by so I just touch on topics that are directed to those individuals.

Bossip: In your music you have a variety of street and great cross over appeal. What are some of your musical influences?

SIX: I remember I got into trouble at school and my Mom took me to see The Jay-Z Black Album movie. She recited every line word for word. I was like that’s crazy that someone could have that effect on a person through words. My mom always played hip hop. I grew up with the greats Tupac Biggie and Jay-Z.

Bossip: “Phlo Finister” is a New Kid on The Block Alum for Bossip… how did you connect with her?

SIX: Our manager just introduced us and the rest is history “Take a Breath”and “Invisible” are dope records. She inspired me to be more open with my art form. Phlo is dope.

Bossip: What can the world expect from Six?

SIX: Six

Click Here to Hear The Kid’s Music!

Bossip Exclusive Giveaway!!!: Enter To Win VIP Passes For The Star Studded Blackberry BBM Lounge Private Mansion Party In L.A.!!!

Ne-Yo BBM Lounge Event

If you have a Blackberry and live in the L.A. area, then today is your lucky day. The BBM Lounge is back at it again. Blackberry and Xomad have teamed up to throw one of the biggest Mansion parties in the Hollywood Hills this Saturday, September 11, 2010, during 2010 MTV VMA weekend.

Not only did Bossip get another invite but we also have the chance for one of our lucky readers and a guest to come and party it up with the elite of L.A. Continue »

ANTM Miss J Licks It All Up At the 2010 Emmy’s Gifting Suite

2010 GBK and Tic Tac Emmy Giftin Suite

GBK Productions and Tic Tac came together to present this year’s 2010 Emmy Gifting Suite. The event was full of celebrities, free gifts, cupcakes, drinks and more. Not only did we indulge in everything they had to offer but we also got a chance to see how Tic Tac is raising awareness for Breast Cancer with their new grapefruit flavor. Continue »

*Bossip Exclusive* Faith Unveils Her New Album Cover And Song “Everyday Struggle” Feat. Raekwon

"Faith Evans"

Faith Evans is poised to make her return October 5th with her new album Something About Faith and we just got the first look at her new album cover and single featuring Raekwon! Check them out below: Continue »

Robin From Howard Stern’s Show: “No One Listens To Jamie Foxx’s Show, He Probably Just Wanted People To Talk About It!!!”


For the past two days, celebs made their way to the Emmy Gifting Suite located at the SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills. While we were there racking up the free gifts, we just so happen to run into Robin Quivers that’s apart of Howard Stern’s show on Sirius XM Radio. Continue »

We Don’t Mean To Be “NOSEY” But Something Is A Little Suspicious About Serena Williams!!!

Serena's NOSE

Yesterday, we posted some pics of Serena Williams in the Hamptons partying it up with a new accessory. We thought you guys might notice Serena’s new nose but some how it slipped right pass your eyes. So, tell us what you think…

Has she been hanging around Kimmy Cakes to long or it’s just the make-up???

Serena Williams Nose Job

Bossip Exclusive Interview: Faith Evans Speaks On 5 Year Hiatus, New Album And Being In Music For 15 Years

Faith Evans

Faith Evans has been in the music game for 15 years but for the past 5 years she has been on a break. Bossip had the chance to catch up with Faith Evans at the her video shoot for her new single “Gone Already” which is on her upcoming album that drops on October 5th, 2010… Continue »


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