What Do You Believe? The Goverment Denies Existence Of Zombies Despite Recent Cannibal Attacks

The government has a history of keeping secrets and running “tests” on certain demographics of people, could the latest surge of cannibal attacks be one of them? Continue »

Less Drank In Your Cup: NYC Mayor To Lay Smackdown On Supersized Drink Sales

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg says 16 ounces should be more than enough. Continue »

DENIED!!! Did Weezy Get Kicked Out OKC Thunder Arena After Allegedly Slam Dunking In James “Fear The Beard” Harden’s Boo Trina???

Did OKC baller James Harden get Wayne kicked out the Thunderdome for smashing his new boo thang Trina? Continue »

For The Stans: BeyBey Is Getting Animated With Starring Role In “Epic”


Awww, something baby Blue Ivy can watch too! How precious… Continue »

Halle Berry’s Lawyer Calling Paps On The Stand To Bolster Her Chance Of Moving Nahla To France

Halle Berry fights with cameraman

If we didn’t know better, we’d almost be inclined to think Halle paid this guy to stalk Nahla’s school just so she and her French boo could move. SMH. Continue »

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