What The Hell!?!? Shady Detroit Man Learns His Missing 12-Year-Old Son Was Found Alive… In His Basement!

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Shots Fired: Married To Medicine’s Mariah Talks “Quad Issues” [Video]

Mariah talked to Bossip.com about Quad being so messy on the show Married To Medicine.

R Kelly Finally Addresses His Transgender Daughter And Checks Interviewer “Well, First Off Don’t Start By Calling Her My Son” [Video]

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Herman “The Godfather” Cain Wants To Stop You Dummies From Being Able To Vote [Video]

Hey, he’s Herman Cain!

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Babysitter Blames “Black Guys” For Home Invasion (Black Neighbor Handcuffed) Until Little Abby Tells Truth “It Wasn’t The Right Skin Color” [Video]

SMH @ Little Abby… And we can’t forget about her neighbor’s “Joys Of Being Black.”

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