Making It Rain On Them Teenage Boys! Bishop Eddie Long Stroke Paid $25 Million To Settle His Case!

- By Bossip Staff

Looks like Eddie Long would rather drop some major bread than have to deal with the allegations of touching little kids.

The New Birth Missionary Baptist Church preacher was accused of having inappropriate sexual relationships with four male parishioners and had embarrassing cell phone pictures hit the mainstream. Instead of going to court to defend himself, Long decided to pay the hefty fee. The number came from an interview with an unnamed source conducted by Redding News Review.

The men are to get $2.8 million each and get paid $400,000 payments incrementally until the whole money is paid in 20 years.

This makes us wonder a million things: how the hell does Long have that kind of money?! And why is he willing to spend it on keeping these boys quiet? Guilty, much?

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  • She231

    As a law student, it’s hard for me to believe this. Settlements made in mediation are strictly confidential. I’m sure he paid some crazy amount. However Im sure the people in the room signed an agreement to keep the settlement confidential.

  • gina

    The young men won’t live to be old men. Think about high profile gay relationships that successfully sued their loves that won settlements were paid damages because …..EDDIE LONG!

    Law student are you first or second year? Anyway nothing stops people from “talking” to others. By the time you get a gag order all damage has been done their purpose is to stop talking after the fact! Rflol…..nothing is confidential especially if it has been in court. EDDIE LONG DID NOT WANT THE WORLD TO SEE THE “SMOKING GUNS” THAT SUPER
    POWERFUL RICH WHITE LAW FIRM DID NOT TAKE THE CASE OF GAY YOUNG Black MEN ABOUT BECAUSE OF THEIR HONOR OK! Eddie Long is very lucky that he was not prosecuted for what he really did to those boys!

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  • nursedred

    @petri if he was banging 14 year old girls ( age of consent in Georgia is 14) no one would be calling them ‘grown”. Fast maybe but not grown

  • Petri


    Except he wasn’t!!!! He was banging gay young men. They were in fact “fast” because they did it for cars, clothes and money. They got what they wanted and so did Eddie. So my question once again….. What did they sue for??????

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