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You know BOSSIP loves reality TV and throughout the year we covered standout moments of eye-popping unscripted television.

Love & Marriage Huntsville

Source: Love & Marriage Huntsville / OWN

Last year’s wildest reality TV moments included the radicchio ruckus on The Real Housewives of Potomac, a #LAMH outside child confession, and an #RHOSLC arrest. 

This year’s list includes a big beauty shop skirmish, flying fists, and a paternity scandal.

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Porsha’s Family Fisticuffs: Porsha’s Fists Fly During A Massive Blow UP

During a January episode of #PorshasFamilyMatters, FISTS FLEW during a jaw-dropping altercation.


The Bravo spinoff show followed former Real Housewife of Atlanta Porsha Williams blending her family with her then-fiancé Simon Guobadia…

Porsha's Family Matters

Source: Marcus Ingram / Bravo

and her ex-fiancé/ daughter’s father, Dennis McKinley.

Porsha's Family Matters

Source: Marcus Ingram / Bravo

The show was a wild ride and included tense and messy moments including Porsha refusing to return her ex-fiancé’s personal property, allegations that Porsha cheated on Dennis, and blowups.


The biggest blowup however happened in Mexico when Porsha was seen throwing hands Dennis McKinley’s way while Simon tried to de-escalate the situation.

Amid a resurfaced conversation about Dennis cheating on Porsha while she was pregnant, Porsha demanded that Dennis, his mother, and “his sluts” leave a dinner table.

“Go! Get the f*** out!” said Porsha while Dennis and his mother walked towards a staircase to exit and while Simon calmly told Dennis that they would “deal with it another day.”

As Porsha and Dennis were leaving, however, things got physical and cameras captured Porsha throwing her fists Dennis’ way.

The fight also included Porsha telling Dennis’ mother Mama Gina “You heard what I said” before shoving ensued. Several parts of the fight were hard to see but Porsha exclaimed that Dennis was “touching her family” and the former RHOA star threw plates and tried to hit someone with a microphone.


Simon was also seen holding her back while she screamed and cried in frustration and Dennis McKinley was seen being held back while saying, “They went after my mother, yo!”

Later, Porsha’s cousin Storm accused Dennis of physically assaulting her during the altercation and shared pictures of her injuries. Dennis denied hitting Storm and Porsha expressed remorse for her actions.


Porsha’s moved on from the incident and she and Simon are now married. 

Khloe & Tristan Welcome A Child Via Surrogate—Despite Tristan Thompson’s Paternity Scandal

Klutch Sports Group "More Than A Game" Dinner Presented by Remy Martin

Source: Jerritt Clark / Getty

Season 2 of The Kardashians included the aftermath of Kim Kardashian breaking the news to Khloe Kardashian that [trifling] Tristan Thompson was having a baby with another woman. It also featured Khloe getting emotional while talking about expecting a second child with Tristan via surrogate.

“There is something that I’m ready to talk about,” said Khloe. “Tristan and I are having another baby.”

Her voice was undeniably shaky as she continued, seeming to reference that her experience was dampened thanks to the public scandal sparked by a paternity suit filed by Maralee Nichols, who became pregnant with Thompson’s second son, Theo, while in a relationship with Khloe.

“It’s supposed to be a really exciting time, and it’s just a different experience.”

The clip also featured Kardashian momager, Kris Jenner, tearing up over watching her daughter in pain over the ordeal.

“It’s hard to watch her in pain,” said Kris.

Khloe and Tristan welcomed their son this August.


Mia Thornton’s Miami Splash Clash With Dr. Wendy Osefo

The Real Housewives Of Potomac: Mia Vs Wendy

Source: Bravo / Bravo

A highly anticipated (and highly messy) moment recently aired on season 16 of The Real Housewives of Potomac and the fallout from it is still ongoing.

While dining at Peter Thomas‘ Bar One restaurant Mia Thornton was seen tossing the contents of her martini glass in Dr. Wendy Osefo’s direction because Mia was told by Peter, whom she considers to be family, that he “had beef” with Wendy.

Mia took it upon herself to tell Wendy about the “beef” in front of the group and took issue with the Johns Hopkins professor not “checking in with Peter” when they arrived in Miami.


“I don’t have beef with men,” said Wendy.

“Don’t start it,” replied Mia. “That’s my f****g family.”

“If he has beef he can contact my husband,” said Wendy referring to Eddie Osefo.

“You would think that you would let him [Peter Thomas] you know that you were coming,” said Mia. “He’s opening up his opportunity for you to learn, study and be a mentee.”

“The only man I let know I’m coming into town is my husband,” said Wendy doubling down. “Sweetie, maybe you talk to other men like that. 
“Maybe that’s how you and your husband play, me and my husband don’t play like that, period!” said Wendy. “You’re telling me to call some guy while I’m in town, I’m not in town for business.”

They then traded shade about credentials with Mia discussing being a boss in the boardroom as a Black CEO and Wendy retorting with her credentials as a professor. Shortly thereafter the drink was thrown and Mia demanded that Wendy stand to her feet before she was escorted away by security.

“You and your husband can go f*** other women and men,” said Wendy to Mia before firing off more shade and at one point asking her if she was “f***g Peter Thomas.”

“You so corny, crater-faced b***!” concluded Wendy while security intervened again.

Things escalated again after Wendy told Mia to shut up while questioning her CEO status.

“Talking about your a CEO and you throw a drink on another woman. What kinda raggedy bi***does that?” asked Wendy.  You’re a CEO and a boss and you throw a drink on another woman. You embarrassed yourself, you embarrassed your whole business.”

An irate Mia then apparently broke several of her fingernails while trying to get to Wendy and she was semi-successful as she popped Wendy with her purse.

“Look at the CEO!” said Wendy while security held her back. “Such a boss!”

#MAFS: Olajuwon Has Obsessive Domestic Duties Demands For His “Lazy” Wife Katina

#MAFS fans were seething during season 14 over a husband’s domestic duty demands for his wife.

Married At First Sight Boston, MAFS, Married At First Sight

Source: Courtney Hizey Photography / Kinetic Content

Olajuwon Dickerson got dragged on social media for his antiquated views about his “needs” in a wife and questioned if his wife Katina Goode was “enough woman” for him because she didn’t cook and clean to his liking.

After a cooking class put together by the husband who expected “hot meals every night”, Olajuwon told Katina who admittedly isn’t much of a cook, that he was questioning if she’s “enough woman” for him.

“You’re still learning,” said Olajuwon, who we recently found out has never dated a Black woman, to Katina. “And there’s nothing wrong with that because there’s things in other fields I’m still learning. But when it comes to marriage, those are some of these things that are things that I expect to be already there. I’m trying to figure out if you have that base,” he added.

He later admitted to #MAFS expert Dr. Viv that his real issue with Katina was her alleged “lack of effort” in their marriage and called her “lazy.”

“I talk to her about laziness…” started Olajuwon. It’s just really —”

“You think she’s lazy?” asked Dr. Viviana cutting him off.

“When it comes to our marriage, just caring for the other person, the effort isn’t there,” he responded.

Luckily, Olajuwon had a turnaround and said he reflected on his bad behavior.

He also proposed to Katina during the #MAFS Reunion.


In November the couple announced their separation via a joint statement, now however it looks like they’ve reconciled.


#LAMH Beauty Shop Skirmish: Melody Vs. Ms. Wanda Spirals Into Marsau Vs. Martell

A very messy altercation happened this year on Love & Marriage Huntsville that sent fans spiraling.

Love & Marriage Huntsville

Source: Love & Marriage Huntsville / OWN

Latisha Scott’s mother Miss Wanda was blasted on social media after she was seen trying to go toe to toe with Melody Shari.


The melee occurred after Wanda questioned on an IG Live if Melody’s ex Martell Holt is the biological father of their youngest child.

Upon hearing what Wanda said, Melody confronted her in the parking lot of her ex-friend Destiny Payton’s beauty supply store and things spiraled out of control.

“The only darn thing I said about you baby was find yo f****g baby daddy!” said Wanda.

“He’s right here!” responded Melody.

In the midst of the messiness fellow #LAMH cast member Marsau Scott almost got into a physical altercation with Martell and a shoving match ensued.

The messy moment was first captured on Instagram Live…

before airing on TV.

Fans petitioned for Miss Wanda to be removed from the OWN show, but she remains a cast member to this day.

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