Do Not Pass Go: 71-Year-Old Man Finally Caught 22 Years After Breaking Out Of Prison

Tis the season to get caught… Continue »

Real Rap Raw: Bobby Shmurda Indicted As “Driving Force” In Narcotics Gang, Held On $2 Million Bail


Wow…one rapper whose lyrics are 100% authentic. Continue »

Raw Footage Of Bobby Shmurda And His Goons Doing The P.O.P. Perp-Walk Out Precinct For Gun Charges! [Video]

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Locked Up: Bobby Shmurda Arrested On Gun And Drug Charges In NYPD Investigation


Some way…free Breezy Bobby, ho… Continue »

Creep Season: Ashanti’s Alleged Stalker Says “She Could Have Blocked Me” On Social Media


Was Ashanti really getting stalked…or is her block-game just weak? Continue »


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