Defendant Spits In His Public Defender’s Face During Trial “I Cain’t Do This… Tooey!!!” [Video]

Even a thug knows when his public defender is not in his corner, but in bed with the DA and judge.

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Can’t Do The Time… Don’t Do The Crime: Houston “Family” Killer Collapses In Court When He Hears Capital Murder Charges [Video]

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DUI: Donnell Rawlings In Police Custody After Driving The Wrong Way Down One Way Street!

donnell rawlings

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Family Says Police In Hood Are Knocking Out Moms When Kids Start Recording [Video]


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20-Year-Old Mother (Who Looks 39) In Court For Abandoning Baby In Subway Says “Someone Tell Jay-Z… F**k Him!” [Video]

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And Phaedra Wept: Apollo Nida Sentenced To Only 8 Years In Prison After Snitching In Fraud Case

Damn Apollo
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