Are They Asking For It? Couple Records Police Busting Window Out And Tasering Man With Kids In Car [Video]

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SMH: Miami Dolphins Baller Derrick Shelby Suspended After Being Tased 3 Times For Sexually Groping Women

What is wrong with these ballers??!? Continue »

Ho Sit Down: Mississippi Mom Caught Breaking Into Cars Claims She Was Hunting ISIS!

Lisa Carol Roche

Searching for jihadist fighters… in the parking lot of a Mississippi high school?!?! Continue »

Speedracer & His Girlfriend Beaten With Bat By 3 Thugs After Flying Through The Country-Hood At Top Speed! [Video]


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You Can’t Be Serious: Man Sentenced To 4 Years In Prison For Murdering Friend Who Poked His Girlfriend On Facebook


A man who killed his buddy after finding out he ‘poked’ his girlfriend on Facebook, has been jailed for four years. Continue »

The Pigs: Cop On Leave After Video Shows Him Tasering 61 Yr-Old Black Woman… For Nothing! [Video]

“They don’t really care aboooout us!”

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Crazy Looking Mom Accused Of Killing Her Own-Damn-Daughter [Video]

Crazy broad… And that Mugshot is something else.

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