How They Do That There?: The First Rap Video Shot In North Korea!! [Video]

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New Video: Black Frost Pays Homage To Fellow Lady Rappers In New Clip For “Sincerely Yours (Dear Femcees)”


New rapper Black Frost is paying tribute to the ‘femcees’ that paved the way. Continue »

Dope Blasphemy!: Priests Perform Rick Ross & Jay Z’s Video “The Devil Is A Lie” [Video]

If this isn’t the official video… they should make it the official video.

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Hate It Or Love It? Amina Buddafly- “Don’t Wanna Be Right” [Video]

Amina Buddafly and “Dirty-Feet Pete” get all lovey-dovey in her latest music video.. Continue »

It’s Here! Skillz’s “The Year In Sports-Rap Up 2013″ [Video]

Skillz must’ve said “I’ll do it, but only for the bread!” STILL DOPE!!!!
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