Biebervelli: A Gallery Of People Who Hate Justin Bieber


People Who Hate Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber went from beloved teen star to hated pop jerk in a matter of a couple of years. It’s been quite remarkable. It seems like every story about him is him making people angry for one reason or another. So much so that there’s a list of people who want to give him the fade.

Take a look.

Rihanna Flips Out And Goes Crazy CursING Out Fan At Airport [Video]

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Keyshia Cole On The Breakfast Club Talking Lesbian Rumors…Says She’ll Never Get Back With Boobie, & More [Video]

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Brooklyn Supremacist Post Racist Messages Against Middle Eastern Islamist In Apt Complex [Video]

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Our President Obama Kicks Back In Kansas City And Eats Ribs At The Barbecue Shack! [Video]

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Punk Moves: Old Orlando Bloom Tries To Sucker Punch Young Justin Bieber [Video]

White folks hate Bieber more than black folks?
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Exclusive Part 2: Tiny Talks More About Marital Problems With TI And Moving On [Video]

In this part 2 exclusive with Tiny, we talk about her anniversary needing to be big and more.