Don’t Eat The Cake Anna Mae: 6 Sugary Snacks That’ll Jack Up Your Teeth And Have You Up In The Fat Farm

They say that you are what you eat, but downing eight pound cakes in a week won’t give you them juicy cakes that brings all the boys to the yard. Here are six snacks to avoid at all cost…

Celebrity Cribs… Literally: Sneak Peak of Baby Rooms of Hollyweird’s Biggest Parents

No, MTV’s Cribs is not back on the air… we wish, but here’s the next best thing. See how these baller babies ball out. Yup, they really woke up like this.

You Are So Dumb… But It’s Not Your Fault: When Educators Let ADD Fly Under The Radar Kids Suffer

Is sluggish cognitive tempo, the latest controversial attention disorder, a serious problem for kids in class or just another excuse?

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