Wait, What? Man Shoots Woman Robbing His Home And Before She Dies She Says “Ugh, I’m Pregnant” [Video]

Why would they charge the old man?

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Lo Sit Down (Way Up There): Twitter Clowns Lolo Jones For Her Sky-High “On The Run” Tour Seats

Lolo Jones sits high

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Papa Knows Best: Daughter That Sued Parents Because She Wanted To Live With Boyfriend… Files Restraining Order Against Boyfriend Now [Video]

Her dad is saying “I told you so.” Side-Note: That looks like one mean and vindictive little girl.

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Love & Hip Hop ATL Ep. 14 Preview: Stevie J & Benzino Breakup Over Mimi’s Freak Flick Tape [Video]

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Snip Snip… Trans Model Andrej Pejic Gets Knifed Up To Become Andreja

Andrej Pejic

Remember Andrej Pejic? Well he’s no longer androgynous… Now you can call her Andreja. Continue »